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ISHQ Mein Marjawan Season 2 Episode 4 -Naya Safar


ISHQ Mein Marjawan Season 2 Episode 4 is now available. Fans will be delighted with these new episodes. The series follows two young girls and their families as they journey towards happiness.

Naya Safar is the show’s main character. She is a young woman determined to make the most of her life even if that means giving up some things that were holding her back.

Season 2 will show Naya that it’s not all about what we want. She will have to confront some difficult realities and her choices will decide whether she can lead a happy, fulfilling life.

Episode 1

Ishq-Ishq is one of the most popular TV shows today. There are a few standouts on the show, such as Rim-Sameer Shaikh, Zain Imam, and Reem Shahikh.

Dolly Verma and Akshit Sukhija will be introduced to viewers through the show. It is expected that the show will be a huge hit among TV enthusiasts.

ishq mein marjawan 2

The show’s star ratings aside, it has managed to attract the masses with its romantic, mystery, and suspense adventures. A large number of ATV enthusiasts will be watching the show, and they are willing to try it.

The show’s short run has allowed it to entertain its viewers. The show was soon to be a major player in the world of romance television.

Episode 2

You will want to see the second episode of Ishq Mein Martjawan regardless of whether you have already seen the first episode. This episode sees Riddhima’s doppelganger attempt to undermine Vansh’s mission.

Riddhima believes that Anupriya was involved in the murder of Kabir’s uncle. When she sees an image of Kiara’s tattoo on Ishani’s phone, her suspicions are confirmed. Riddhima learns that Kabir is sending her on an undercover mission to capture Vansh.

Vansh Raisinghania runs illegal businesses in Southeast Asia. He is skeptical about Riddhima’s intentions. He believes that young women should not be in the business world.

Vansh becomes suspicious when Riddhima tells him that Riddhima has not been pregnant. Sara’s actions also make him suspicious. He becomes more suspicious of Sara after she attempts to kill him.

He is also concerned about the assassin who might have hurt him. A black box is also found in the grandmother’s bedroom, which makes him suspicious.

Episode 4

We are introduced to Ishq Mein Marjawan episode 4 during the course of Ishq Mein Marjawan.

Vansh Raisinghania, Riddhima Khan are the main characters. This two-parter will show the first part Riddhima’s journey to unravel the mystery surrounding her parents’ deaths.

Kabir Sharma is a great help to her, but they will need to work together to get to the end. Episode 4 begins with Kabir sending Riddhima undercover to Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima is the party planner at Vansh’s cruise party. She learns fascinating facts about her father and mother’s death during the night. She learns that Ishani killed her parents.

She discovers that Kabir plans to meet her and must take action. Vihaan, a Vansh-like, offers to pay a huge sum of money for the removal of his nemesis.

Episode 5

ISHQ MEIN MAWAN is a musical mystery featuring Arjun Bijlani playing Deep Raichand, and Vishal Vashishtha playing Kabir. Colors TV premiered the 22-minute crime series on Sep 20, 2017. There are 313 episodes. This series is not available for streaming or renting on any service.

The story centers on the love between a young woman, and a police officer. The young woman is caught up in manipulative people after her marriage.

She is assigned to an undercover mission in order to capture Vansh Rai Singhania who owns illegal businesses throughout Southeast Asia. Vansh’s child is eventually delivered to the young woman. She also receives calls from abortion centres.

Vansh is suspicious of Riddhima and believes her to be a fraud. He believes that business is not suitable for children. He begins to feel guilty about believing her to be a lie and tries to prove his innocence. He eventually discovers his true feelings towards her.

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