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Ride into the Past: Explore J Shia’s Passion for Vintage Motorcycles


Fans of J Shia will likely be eager to see his latest film. After all, “The Secrets of the Lost Empire,” one of his favourite books, is being adapted for the screen. Did you also know that J Shia loves old bikes a lot? You can read more about J Shia and his passion for classic motorcycles here.

J Shia’s love of classic motorcycles

J Shia's love of classic motorcyclesA well-known manufacturer of bespoke motorcycles is J Mounira Shia. She is only 31 years old. She is a pioneer in her field. She was trained to work with metal by her fourth-generation family.

Shia loves vintage motorcycles despite the fact that she is not a rocket scientist. Her Boston, Massachusetts, business, Madhouse Motors, specialises in repairing and restoring antiques.

Shia’s most well-known work is The Devil’s Advocate. It’s a Royal Enfield Indian from 1957. Although the device can be utilised for its original purpose, it is also a creative creation. Both press and colleagues have commended the bike.

J isn’t as competent as she could be. This demonstrates how passionate she is. She completes various projects with tools that belonged to her grandfather. For instance, spring-loaded exhaust piping can be used with open windows. Another is a chain guard made from of a broken weed eater.

She’s not just good at bodybuilding; she also has photographic talent. She works as a freelance photographer outside of work.

Her adaptability is clear. Madhouse has a group of people supporting her skills. J works with her team of engineers and artists to complete all of her responsibilities.

Family of J. Shia

The team at Madhouse Motors consists of J Shia and his family. Their past is interesting.

J. was eight years old when she started riding her beloved motorcycle. It was an Indian-model Royal Enfield. The bicycle was still in its pristine condition after more than 30 years.

J Shia’s current business, Madhouse Motors, is solely focused on building bespoke motorcycles. At the significant custom motorcycle event, their work has been extensively displayed.

J Shia also assists her family with the business in addition to working on the bikes. Her sister Gretchen manages the shop’s social media, while her brother Brendan works as an engineer.

J used to be an adept worker. Her favourite area to make repairs was in her backyard. By the time she was ten years old, she had repaired 60 motorcycles.

Her Lebanese ancestry may explain this, but her passion for mechanics could possibly play a role. The most influential instructor in her life, according to her, was her father, Mike Shia.

Son Audai belongs to J. Since his birth, A has had a difficult mother. The boy resided in foster care for a period. He was thus taken out of his mother’s custody.

J has been a parent for 12 years. She is the mother and guardian of her son.

Many distinctive motorcycle parts were made by Madhouse Motors. A special motorbike component with a soprano and saxophone linked to the exhaust was made by the Madhouse Motors team. Another alternative for a taillight is an egg slicer.

The wealth of J Shia

J Shia, the proprietor of Madhouse Motors, creates bespoke cruisers and motorcycles. Shia was discussed in Gnarly Magazine 2021 and Vincent Black Shadow 2022. Her business has received praise on a global scale for its leadership and creativity.

When J Shia was 8 years old, she went on her first bike ride. This ride sparked her interest for riding motorcycles. Since then, she has owned her motorbike shop.

Shia has worked on other projects, such as music videos, in addition to her custom bike business. Her first year of creating screenplays was in 2019.

The actress has also been known to play a tomboy, a position that has brought sexism in the entertainment world to the forefront. Despite his gender, J Shia is happy to be the father of two children. Twelve-year-old Audai is Audai’s son. He is currently enrolled in one of the most esteemed private schools in his state.

J Shia is active in a variety of causes, including those that assist the LGBTQ+ community. One example of this is a protest installation against President Trump.

Additionally, he has dated Megan Fox and China Brezner. He had a protracted relationship with Megan Fox’s ex-girlfriend prior to their partnership.