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Janet DiFiore- A Lawyer in Westchester County, New York


Janet Marie DiFiore is a lawyer in the United States. American-born, Janet Marie DiFiore was raised in Mount Vernon. St. John’s University School of Law gave her a degree as a lawyer.

In her career as a judge, she has served as the Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals from 2016-2022.

Janet DiFiore early Life

Janet DiFiore

If you want to live in a place where the pace of life is slower and the environment is clean, then Westchester County might be for you. It has a cosmopolitan mix of quaint villages, bustling cities, and beautiful parks.

Its origins date back to 1683. Native Americans from the Lenape tribe lived in Westchester at that time.

They lived in tree-bark wigwams and hunted in the surrounding woodlands.

In the late 19th century, almost 100,000 residents had moved to the county. With the growth of the economy, there were new transport routes.

The Hudson River Railroad and New York and New Haven Railroad were two of these new routes. This helped Westchester become accessible to middle-class city workers.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Westchester became a haven for commuters. Westchester is where many of New York’s wealthy traders and merchants traveled from New York City.

In the 1950s and 1960s, large corporations began to recognize the area’s potential.

Many of these large corporations had their origins in Westchester. Some of them were insurance and software companies.

After World War II, the baby boom brought a new influx of young working families to the area. Most of them settled in southern parts of the county.

Westchester’s quality of life is well-known. Residents enjoy a wide array of entertainment, great schools, and parks. There are many trails for biking, kayaking and hiking in the county.

Janet DiFiore career as a judge

Janet DiFiore is the New York Court of Appeals’ chief judge. She has been a key figure in the smooth running of New York’s judiciary during turbulent times.

In February 2015, former Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed her and she was then confirmed by the Senate.

She announced her retirement at the end August after six years of service to the bench.

DiFiore was the head judge of the seven-member court. Under her leadership, significant improvements were made in the court’s unified system. One was a reform program that aimed to improve case management systems.

The reform expanded civil legal services in order to cater for the small- and medium-sized populations.

During her tenure, DiFiore also led the court system through the COVID-19 pandemic, which required virtual court proceedings.

While her actions were criticized by some, Brad Hoylman of the New York State Bar Association and Brad Hoylman of the state senator praised them.

In addition to leading the court system during the pandemic, DiFiore was also the head of the state’s justice task force, which examines wrongful convictions.

New York’s Excellence Initiative, which sought to improve and reform the system in general, includes the Justice Task Force.

DiFiore was a member of a three-judge panel in redistricting cases that concluded Democrats had unconstitutionally altered congressional lines. This decision led to the destruction of all Congressional districts within California.

Janet DiFiore Notable incidents

Janet DiFiore (Chief Judge) has been in the courtroom more than twenty-two decades.

In this time, she has supervised civil and criminal cases across the New York City-Westchester County court system.

A bachelor’s degree is from St. John’s University, and a master’s from New York University School of Law.

She is also a member of the New York State Juvenile Justice Commission. Side note: From 2006 to 2016, she was the Westchester County district Attorney, making her the first female to hold the office.

She was responsible for several notable events. She was a strong opponent of the extreme right’s desire to eliminate conservative ideas.

DiFiore is a New York Justice Task Force co-chair. As such, DiFiore was the public face for juvenile justice.

A notable incident was when she refused to obey a court order to reopen a case that involved four elderly judges.

Her title as chief judge of Court of Appeals was held by her for six years. Additionally, she served as chairperson of the New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics. This is the most important ethical governing board in the state.