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Jean Currivan Trebek Biography, Age, Wiki & Networth


Jean Currivan Trebek : Jean Currivan is a New York native who is a professional sound healer, Reiki master, and Religious Science practitioner.

Alex Trebek has been her husband since 1990. Despite their 24-year age difference, the two met at a party in New York in 1988 and hit it off right away.

Who is Alex Trebek wife, Jean Currivan Trebek

Jean Currivan TrebekAlex Trebek, the veteran and popular host of Jeopardy!, passed away on Sunday at the age of 80. Jean Currivan Trebek, his wife, survives him.

Alex’s two children, Matthew and Emily Trebek, are Jean’s offspring.

Jean Currivan Trebek Early Life

Alex Trebek was married to Elaine Callei Trebek for seven years before divorcing in 1981. While they were married, Alex adopted Elaine’s daughter, Nicky.

What Is Jeopardy!? was a recent ABC interview special. Alex Trebek and America’s Most Popular Quiz Show, the host of Jeopardy!, who was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, indicated his tenure on the show may be coming to an end as he prepares for another round of cancer treatment.

The hardest part for Jean, who also starred in the What Is Jeopardy!? special, was seeing her husband “in misery and I can’t assist him.”

Jean explained how her sound healing and Religious Science practise helped her stay uplifted during her family’s trials in her first interview since Alex’s cancer diagnosis at the time, which in turn helped maintain her husband in good spirits as well.

“It comes from a place of love, because I want to uplift him…and I can truly share that with him if I keep myself buoyant and enjoy my life.

He may look at me and think, “Life is beautiful, my wife is doing something good,” and vice versa “In November of this year, she told SurviviorNet.

Alex Trebek complimented to his wife for her endless support

Alex Trebek recently complimented his wife for her loyal and unending support. The game show host revealed in a 2019 interview with People magazine that his only regret was not meeting her sooner.

He stated, “I’m really satisfied with my life.” “However, my wife Jean and I have been married for about 29 years, and I was thinking of President [George H. W.] Bush.

When he died, and all the comments about what a lovely guy he was and how he and his wife had been married for 73 years.

‘Oh my my, if I’d only met Jean when I was in my twenties, we could have had a longer life together,’ I thought.”

He said, ” “I suppose she wouldn’t have been born yet if I’d met her when I was in my twenties. But, well, 29 years isn’t bad.”

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