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Job Sikhala Arrested By Police: Know Why? [Latest]


A huge piece of news has made the headlines, causing a lot of controversy, because it involves a well-known person being behind the bar. After conflicts at More blessing Ali’s funeral wake, Job Sikhala was detained.

The public’s attention has been drawn to this story. This news has gotten a lot of attention on social media. People are interested in learning more about his arrest, which has sparked a lot of debate.

People are debating the news and asking a variety of questions. In this article about the news, we will try to cover all of the details. This news item contains all of the pertinent information. Let’s continue the discussion.

Job Sikhala Has Been Arrested

job sikhala

As CCC youngsters returned, shops and at least one mode of transportation were damaged, according to the report.

Officers have arrested Job Sikhala, the MP for Zengeza West, and Godfrey Sithole, the MP for Chitungwiza North, on allegations of inciting public violence.

At the worship ceremony for Ali, the leader of the CCC, Nelson Chamisa, spoke about the attempt at violence and urged his supporters not to be agitated. To learn more about the story, scroll down the page.

Job Sikhala was arrested for what reason?

Chamisa accuses Zanu PF, claiming that he previously stated that their party will achieve its political objectives using nonviolent means.

Ali was kidnapped on May 24th from Chibhanguza Shopping Centre in Nyatsimeri-urban community in Chitungwiza.

On the 11th of June, her disjointed body was recovered from a dig in the garden of her likely killer’s mother’s house, around 10 kilometers from where she was stolen.

There are still a few things to say about the news, which you will find in the following section of the article.

Her body had been sliced in half and stuffed into a sack, according to authorities.

Her children and the CCC claim she was murdered for her activity, and police have accused her as a result of domestic abuse.

Pios Jamba, the assailant who killed her, is on the run, and Ali’s family says they will not bury her until the cops apprehend him.

When Chamisa arrived, the calm was restored, but his CCC party explained that Zanu PF had been picking out the residences of CCC members all night on Tuesday.

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