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Kathy Ambush: Meet The Ex-Wife Of Clarence Thomas


Housewife Kathy Ambush is a well-known popular partner in America. United States. Her most well-known role is her ex-wifeship with Clarence Thomas, an American judge attorney, politician, and official of the government.

There is good news that Thomas is currently employed by the Supreme Court of the United States as an Associate Justice.

Kathy Grace Ambush, formerly called the famous wife, was born at Worcester, Massachusetts, to the father of Nelson Ambush, who worked as dental tech in Worcester.

Like another housewife, Meltem Conant The media isn’t aware of a lot of details about her life or the background of her family.

Let’s look into her personal life right now and discover how to know more.

Ex-Husband and Kathy were married for a total of 13 Years

Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas

There was a previous union of Kathy and Clarence that ran from 1971 until 1984. The couple first came into contact in the 1970s when they were both enrolled in the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

It is believed the two first came into contact during the university, where they soon developed feelings for each other and eventually started dating.

After completing the requirements for graduation On the 5th of June, 1971 Kathy and a close Clarence Thomas’s friend wedding ceremony.

In Worcester the couple got married on the grounds of All Saints Episcopal Church, the reception to celebrate the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom was held in the presence of their family and close friends.

Formerly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas had a son together in 1973 , who they named Jamal Adeen Thomas. Jamal Adeen Thomas is now age 48 and was born in the wake of their union.

There was not one issue to be discovered. There was a strong bond between the two ex-lovers who had been previously married.

The relationship ended up deteriorating and in 1981, after having been together for 10 year, Ambush and Thomas parted their ways.

Following a break-up of two years their high school sweethearts negotiated their divorce in 1984.

Another Wedding for Thomas The Second Time With Attorney

In 1981, following the news that Clarence and Ambush were divorced but still not divorced Clarence started a romantic relationship with Lillian McEwen, a long-time conservative activist. Clarence was age 72 in the year 1981.

Despite his dedication to his wedding to Ambush Clarence, the couple were romantically bonded for nearly four years.

In the following 3 years Clarence was able to find the girl to become his second wife. Virginia Lamp. The wife Lamp is also an attorney and committed conservative, just as Thomas.

In addition to being the president and founder of Liberty Consulting, Virginia contributes to the news and opinions website called The Daily Caller in the as a reporter special when she is not working.

in 1987 Clarence as well as Virginia, attorneys by profession, exchanged wedding vows, and then became couple.

Since then the couple have maintained their strong bond as the perfect couple, showing no indication of separating from each other.

At the time of 2021, the happily married couple will be celebrating the anniversary that marks their wedding’s 34th anniversary joy.

Kathy Ambush’s net worth

Meanwhile the media remains ignorant of Kathy’s job title. However when the divorce was concluded, her ex-husband was required to pay her an alimony amounting to cash payments and certain properties.

In terms of her net worth a different celebrity spouse, Glena Goranson, it isn’t known at present the total value of her value is.

However due to his outstanding work, the ex-husband of her Clarence Thomas, has been successful in keeping the bulk of their earnings.

Since the beginning of the year 2021 Thomas’s position as a prosecutor, judge and official of the government has led to the net worth of one million dollars.


According to the reports, Thomas is also receiving an annual salary of $220,000 because of his position as a judge of the United States Supreme Court who has been serving for the longest time.

Clarence’s partner Virginia received the sum of $686,589 through the Heritage Foundation during the years between both 2003 and 2007.

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