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Katie Couric Bob Saget and Jeff Probst; Was Asked Out By Michael Jackson


Katie Couric Bob Saget: Couric has often spoken about her past romantic encounters, including her somewhat awkward date with Larry King. On Stern’s radio show, she also revealed that she once went out with Bob Saget and “Survivor” host Jeff Probst. Couric remembered Saget as being “fun,” while Probst wore “puka shells,” which she thought was an odd choice of attire for him to wear during their date.

Stern inquired why neither of them followed up after their dates, and Couric admitted that although she wasn’t disappointed that neither called back, there wasn’t anything special about either of them that made them special to her. “I can’t say there was any particular magic there with either of them,” she said, “but spending time with them was still enjoyable.”

Katie Couric Bob Saget

She also remembered Michael Jackson attempting to set up a date with her through his rabbi Shmuliy Boteach, who called her office at “Today.”

Couric has been dating financier John Molner for the past year. Prior to that, she had been with former boyfriend Brooks Perlin for five years.

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