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Keith Randulich, 19, Tells of Killing His 4-Year-Old Half Sister To ‘Save Her’


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On Wednesday, prosecutors played the videotaped confession of 19-year-old Keith Randulich about his plans to kill his 4-year-old half-sister to make public their motivations for doing so. This marked the first time prosecutors had access to this young man’s videotaped statement about murdering someone so young.

On May 22, 2009, Keith Randulich was an 18-year-old academically successful senior at Lincoln-Way East High School in the Chicago suburbs. On that night, with his parents away and brother playing video games upstairs, Randulich took Sabrina Clement to their basement home in Mokena, Ill., and cut her throat.

Investigators discovered in the basement a collection of horror films, death metal music, a rubber clown mask, and what the Chicago Tribune described at the time as “disturbing writings.”

Randulich has stated that he believed young Sabrina was being sexually assaulted by a family member and took her life to protect her from further abuse. Unfortunately, an autopsy by the coroner revealed no evidence of sexual abuse during Clement’s passing.

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Randulich, citing the brutality of his crime. To back up their claims, they played a tape of his confession which was given to police shortly after being murdered.

Clement asked Randulich if she wanted to paint with him, and her brother agreed. However, he first asked for her to lie on the floor before kneeling down and seemingly straddling her.

“I just said I loved her and took out the knife,” Randulich recounted to detectives. “She smiled back at me as I made a small cut in her neck – then she screamed and said ‘Stop!'”

Randolph told police he thought this would be the fastest way to kill his sister, but it wasn’t and she suffered tremendously.

Randulich reported, “She was screaming and fighting.” (She asked why he was killing me.'”)

“I kissed her and said, ‘I’m sorry I had to do that,” Randolph recalled. “I really loved my sister.”

Randulich will be sentenced on February 2. As he tells police on the recording, “I just want this over with, whatever punishment it is – whatever that may be – whatever that may be,” it appears that his motivation for seeking legal assistance has soured.

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