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Key Solar Power Industry Innovations that Will Change the Future


Key Solar Power Industry Innovations that Will Change the Future: The solar power industry is evolving fast, with innovations coming out daily. Some of which are making massive impacts on the global energy system.

The following are some key solar power industry innovations that will change the future.

Key Solar Power Industry Innovations that Will Change the Future

Solar Power System

1. Thin-film Solar

Solar films are able to be printed in rolls, which dramatically reduces the upfront and installation costs. It also creates more job opportunities for replacing solar power panels, such as building roofing materials.

Harvesting solar energy doesn’t necessarily need to use large and bulky solar panels, thanks to the introduction of solar thin-film technology.

2. Solar Windows

Solar windows look like your standard see-through window and contain a treated new electricity generating coating that converts sunshine to energy. The coating on these solar windows produces the world’s smallest functional solar system and can be applied at room temperature without specialised production facilities. This is such a compact yet smart style of solar power that will be effective in the long run.

3. Solar Balloons

Solar balloons work like standard hot air balloons, though they are powered by the sun. Most of them are plastic. They concentrate and direct solar cells using readily available components.

4. Hair Solar Panels

Don’t let the name confuse you – this solar panel innovation isn’t for a good shave. Instead, it’s a product of nanotechnology. It works by using light-absorbing nanowires on carbon nanotubes fabric. These nanowires are efficient at converting solar energy into electricity.

5. Microinverters

In the past, the inverters needed to convert the direct current (DC) produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) were expensive. The introduction of microinverters has changed this, as each panel comes with an inverter installed. It also means that your solar energy system will remain functional, even if one panel fails.

6. Infrared Spectrum Solar Panels

The solar energy harnessed by existing solar panels comes entirely from the visible spectrum. What’s unknown to many is that several bits of the light spectrum are left untapped. Studies show that adding new material to solar semiconductors could mean that future solar panels will have the ability to attract rays from the infrared spectrum and turn it into electricity.

7. Solar Powered Water Purification

This is one of the most systematic and beneficial innovations of solar energy. This technology makes it easier to purify sea, river, lake, and rainwater by harnessing the sun’s power. Though inexpensive, this device is invaluable to areas where only polluted water is available. This device evaporates the contaminated water with solar energy, allowing users to condense clean water from the steam.

8. Solar Air Conditioner

One of the primary concerns among homeowners is the high cost of electricity bills. Due to global warming, people are now spending more money on air conditioning. The good thing is that solar air conditioning systems are here to provide a reprieve. More importantly, they are eco-friendly.

9. Solar Laptops

The inventors of laptops had one purpose in mind – enabling you to work or entertain yourself remotely. However, this isn’t possible because most laptops have limited battery life. The introduction of solar laptops promises to change this. Wherever there’s sun, you can work without worries!

Wrapping Up

With the world moving towards renewable energy sources, solar is at the forefront. The future is even brighter, with figures like Elon Musk spearheading the solar revolution.