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Kobe Bryant Death: Autospy Reveals Details


Kobe Bryant Death: Many people have lost their lives in helicopter crashes over the years. Some were fatal while others were more serious. The Coroner was called to testify about the condition of each victim’s bodies after the crash. We will be looking at one of these crashes and seeing how the Coroner’s testimony sheds more light on the crash than we thought.

Causes Of Death Revealed

A full autopsy report was released after a helicopter crash that resulted in the death of a basketball player. This autopsy report contains shocking details that reveal the horror of the accident. It is now being shared on social media.

Kobe Autopsy

Social media users began discussing the autopsy report as soon as it was published. It was shared in a tweet, and then it spread to Reddit. Some users even took photos of the report.

Bryant was found to have died from 30 percent burns, according to an autopsy. Bryant was wearing a multicolored court shoes and had tattoos of his wife Vanessa and Gianna on his lower right arm.

According to the report, Bryant also died from blunt trauma. An autopsy revealed that Bryant had aortic plaque buildup, which is a condition in which plaque builds up in the aorta.

A skull fracture caused discoloration of his upper and lower eyelids. His clothing was also affected by broken bones and fuel.

According to the report, Ara Zobayan was also in the aircraft with Bryant and Gianna. Zobayan was negative for drugs and opioids. Zobayan also had a subdural hemostasis.

Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner – Coroner released an autopsy report that confirmed the accident. Bryant was not consuming alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident, according to the report.

Vanessa Bryant’s Testimony About The Fatal Helicopter Crash

Vanessa Bryant broke down many times during her testimony regarding the fatal helicopter accident on January 26, 2020. She wept when the judge declared the verdict.

She is seeking to be compensated for the death of her daughter. She sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Island Express Helicopters (IXH) for the death of her daughter.

Bryant’s lawyers claimed that more than 12 LASD staff shared photos of the crash site. The sheriff’s office also claimed that the photos were shared on 28 other devices.

These photos contain more than just body parts. The photos are also claimed to have been circulated by at most twelve firefighters.

The jury found that Bryant’s constitutional rights were violated by the LASD/LACFD. She was awarded $16 million. This is her largest award.

Vanessa Bryant’s lawyers claimed Friday that the photos had been circulated and shared at an awards gala as well as at a bar and in a bartender lounge.

The lawyers claim that the photos were shared with spouses of LA County employees as well as with those attending a ceremony for firefighters. Lawyers also claimed that the images had been leaked online.

Vanessa Bryant’s attorneys also claim that 28 devices belonging to the sheriff’s Department were used to circulate photos of the crash site. The lawyers claim that images of the crash site were shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The Coroner Gives Testimony About Each Victim’s Post-crash Condition

LOS ANGELES COUNTY is being sued by the widow of NBA star Kobe Bryant. The suit alleges that the county’s sheriff and fire departments took and circulated photos of the crash site where Bryant and Gianna were killed in the helicopter crash.

According to the suit, the county concealed the fact that they took over 100 photos of the crash site despite not being asked. The suit also claims that some photos were shared with family and friends. It is expected that the suit will last for two weeks.

One key witness in the lawsuit described the state of the victims’ bodies after the crash, including one that was quite gruesome. The chief of investigations at Coroner’s Office gave a detailed description of coroner’s office’s efforts in capturing a clear picture of the scene.

Los Angeles County coroner’s offices took hundreds of photos of the scene. One of the most striking pictures of the scene was one that showed close-up images of body parts. The coroner’s office didn’t invite victims’ families to view the pictures. They also did not take photographs of victims’ bodies.

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