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Leather Bag Singapore: How to Care for Your Leather Bag


Leather Bag Singapore: How to Care for Your Leather Bag: Handling your leather bag with tender care can create a huge difference. Prevent your bags from losing their aesthetics for a long time. Read through the care guide below to help make sure you’re equipped with the appropriate tips before cleansing, moisturizing, and storing your leather bag.

Leather Bag Singapore: How to Care for Your Leather Bag

Ways to Care for Your Leather Bag

Decent care helps avoid the leather from cracking and drying out. The tips below will help you ensure that your leather bag will hold out and you’ll have a silky, dependable leather bag for centuries to come.

Clean Your Hands Before Handling Your Leather Bag

Leather bags are prone to soak up oils and grease so always make sure that your hands are clean before you handle your leather bag. Using a damp white cotton cloth, wipe the surface of your bag. However, take extra care not to use a large amount of water, because it takes time for the leather to dry.

Special Leather-made Cleaner

Eliminate dirt accumulation once or twice a year by cleaning your bag using a cleaner produced distinctively for your leather bag. Apply the cleaner in a circular pattern and then erase it using a slightly moist fabric in order to avoid plugging up the leather’s pores. Your leather bag can be kept clean if you apply this cleanser once or twice a year.

Furthermore, double check the manufacturer’s suggestions for other cleaning solutions. Sometimes, a clean pink eraser can remove small spots from leather totes.

Keep Your Bag Moisturized

Your leather bag will dry out over time, to prevent that, you should use a moisturizer like leather conditioner. Spread leather conditioner to a piece of smooth fabric and gently gloss across the whole bag to avoid wrinkling and flaking.

In order to maintain the softness and suppleness of your leather bag, coat it with conditioner once a month or at least two times each year, based on the humidity or dryness in your atmosphere.

However, you should not use conditioner on some branded leather bags. A few leather bags from Singapore have specific conditioners to moisturize the fabric.

Quickly Remove Stains

Once you notice a stain on your leather bag, do not waste time and quickly try to remove it. Organic marks from blood or food can usually be gotten rid of using chalk powder. Pulverize white chalk and let it rest above the blotch over the night and brush it off using a clean fabric.

Store the Bag Properly

If you’ve just cleaned the bag, allow it to air dry completely before storage. Keep your leather bag in a pillowcase or dust bag. You can enclose the metallic or chrome parts — for instance, a chain strap — in acid-free, clean tissue paper.

You can also fill your leather bag with parchment paper or bubble wrap to preserve and maintain its shape. If possible, it is ideal to secure your bag in its initial dust bag, and then put it in its customized box. In order to release impressions if you’re planning to store the bag for a long time, loosen up the straps and buckles. Releasing impressions help you to avoid inflicting long-term folds or rubbing the fabric

Lastly, remember to prevent mold growth by airing out your bag once every two weeks.


A quality leather bag is the product of a centuries-old tradition performed by skilled artisans. As such, it deserves the utmost care. When asking how to tend for a leather bag, your top 3 concerns ought to be properly cleaning, conditioning, and storing your bag.

Moreover, good-quality leather bags can keep their shape for years if you care for them properly.