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Luke Broadwater: Know Everything About Him

Luke Broadwater

Luke Broadwater is a Washington correspondent and reporter for the New York Times. Broadwater is also the congressional correspondent of the paper. 3

He has received a number of awards, including the George Polk Award.

Luke Broadwater young life

Luke Broadwater

Luke Broadwater was a Georgia native. His mother is an art professor, and his father is a Presbyterian minister. His siblings are older than him.

Ithaca College awarded him a bachelor of arts in writing. He became a coach of collegiate wrestling later.

From there, he worked at the Baltimore Examiner, the Howard County Times, and the Baltimore Sun.

Broadwater has been working in the news business for almost a decade. Over the years, Broadwater has covered many investigations and controversies.

This includes the scandal of self-dealing in the state hospitals system. This led to the resignation of top officials in that department.

Luke Broadwater Schooling

Luke Broadwater (’98), a former Baltimore Sun reporter has left to become a New York Times correspondent for Congress. His job is in the Washington bureau of the newspaper.

He started it last month. The salary of his position is approximately $78,657.

McDonogh School was his graduation and Ithaca College was his college. Together, he and his wife had a daughter. They married at the Markle Chapel of the Annunciation in 2007.

Before going to work at the New York Times, Luke Broadwater had been reporting on Maryland politics for most of his career.

In addition to covering Baltimore City Hall and the State House, he also reported on legislative issues.

He was awarded the George Polk Award in political reporting and was one of the finalist for Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News 2016.

Broadwater served as managing editor at B from 2011-2020, The Sun’s free daily newspaper. While at B, he was named managing editor. He was later a senior editor at Patuxent Publishing.

Luke Broadwater Career

Luke Broadwater, a veteran journalist is the Congressional Correspondent for The New York Times. He was also a State House reporter for The Baltimore Sun for two years.

His work at the paper helped him break several stories, including a story about self-dealing in the state hospital system.

Broadwater was awarded the Maryland-Delaware DC Press Association’s top investigative journalism award in 2019.

He and his coworkers were also honored with the Maryland-Delaware DC Press Association’s highest honor for investigative journalism.

Broadwater and his colleagues broke the story of illegal activation of hundreds speed cameras.

Broadwater also did a huge story for the newspaper, involving a massive investigation of the working conditions and work practices of Baltimore teachers.

Family Life

Luke Broadwater is an American journalist, who has worked at The New York Times as a congressional correspondent. He co-founded the investigative journalism organisation Investigative voice.

Broadwater has earned a number of awards for his journalism work. For instance, he is the recipient of the George Polk Award for political reporting, and he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Native Reporting in 2020.

McDonogh School graduated him and he then earned an Ithaca College degree in writing.

He began his career as a journalist at The Howard County Times in 2002. In 2009, Patuxent Publishing promoted him to senior writer.

Marital Status

Luke Broadwater is a journalist best known for his role as The New York Times’ Congressional correspondent. He also is an investigative reporter and political columnist. He is @lukebroadwater on Twitter.

Before working at The New York Times, Luke Broadwater worked at the Baltimore Sun for a decade. In addition, he is the co-founder of Investigative Voice.

During his time at the Baltimore Sun, he covered city hall, state house, and the Baltimore metro corridor. He received the George Polk Award, for political reporting, and the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on local issues.

After 10 years with The Baltimore Sun, he was appointed as the congressional correspondent at The New York Times. He has been covering Congress for the newspaper since June 2020.

Net worth

Luke Broadwater is an American Journalist, and Congressional correspondent at the New York Times. His investigative reporting is what made him famous and he has received many awards.

He was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his report on “Healthy Holly” earlier in the year.

Luke Broadwater is a journalist who has made a fortune. His annual salary could be as high as tens or even hundreds of millions.

He is most well-known for his work investigating the scandal of self-dealing at Maryland’s largest hospital.

Luke has been a journalist for many years, covering both local and national politics.

Luke has reported on a variety of subjects, from corruption in state legislatures to health care systems.