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Master P’s Daughter Death Cause? | Tytyana Miller Age

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Here we know about Master P’s Daughter Death Cause? Tytyana M. Miller was the child of Master P. Percy Robert Miller. Although she didn’t achieve much in her professional career, her father was a well-known media figure. Her father is an actor, rapper, record producer and entrepreneur.

Tytyana was happy with her life and all its luxuries. However, Tytyana fell prey to drug addiction. This matter received a lot of media attention. Tytyana was only 29 years old when she tragically died in May 2022. What was her cause of death? This article will provide information about Tytana’s life as well as the facts surrounding her death.

Master P’s Daughter Death Cause?

Tytyana Miller, Master P’s 29-year-old daughter, has died. Her death was announced by her father via Instagram on May 29, 2022. Master, No Limit Records founder/CEO, expressed his sorrow via an Instagram message. He wrote.

My family is experiencing overwhelming grief over the death of Tytyana. We ask for privacy to allow our family to grieve. We are grateful for all the support and prayers. can’t hide the fact that mental illness and substance abuse are real issues.

Tytyana’s cause of death was not immediately revealed by her family. Later, however, it was revealed that Miller had died from an apparent intoxication with fentanyl. The cause of Tytyana’s untimely death  revealed by the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner and Coroner exclusively to People on October 31, 2022.

Romeo Miller, Miller’s older brother, posted his sorrow in an Instagram post. ” We are grateful for all the support and prayers.

Tytyana Miller Age

Tytyana Miller, the beautiful, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 15, 1992. She was one of seven children of Percy Robert Miller, and Sonya C. Miller.

Tytyana Miller was very close to her mother and father, and she spent most of her childhood with them.

Tytyana Miller Parents Divorce After 24 Years of Marriage

Some kids don’t have the opportunity to live with their parents. Tytyana is one of those children. Tytyana, like most celebrity parents out there, has already divorced.

Master P and Sonya married in 1989. After 24 years of being together, Tytyana’s mom Sonya filed for divorce in 2013.

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