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Meghan Stabile- Jazz Promoter, Producer, and Organizer


Meghan Erin Stabile, a contemporary Impresario. American Jazz Producer, Producer and Organizer Meghan Erin Stabile is well-known for her creative talent.

Her 2013 New York Times title was “a rising star in modern music.” She is a well-known name in the entertainment business for her music expertise and knowledge in wellness.

Meghan Stabile Young life

Meghan Stabile

Stabile was born in Dover, N.H. Her childhood began there. There she spent the majority of her childhood with her aunt and grandmother.

Her mother, Gina Marie Skidds, was estranged from her. Stabile was raised alone by her mother after she had been raped aged five.

Stabile was able to live on her own throughout her childhood. Later she was kicked out of several schools due to her fighting. She was also interested in music and left school to follow a career.

Stabile started organizing shows while studying at Berklee College of Music. It was her dream to establish a concert series in which jazz musicians could be reunited with hip hop artists.

Revive Da Live is her new brand. The venture turned into an online concert series.

Stabile’s Revive Da Live Series featured early performances by jazz legends Robert Glasper (Wallace Roney), Miguel Atwood–Ferguson and Marcus Strickland. Stabile had Brandee Younger join him as harpist at the start.

Meghan Stabile Music career

Meghan Stabile was an incredible musician and had an extraordinary career in the music business. Her roles included jazz promoter and producer as well as jazz curator.

She was also the CEO and founder of Revive Music Group. In 2010, she organized the first ever Pete Rock-Roy Ayers collaboration.

Stabile’s career has been filled with many struggles. She battled addiction, and was subject to pressures from her job.

But her passion for music helped her overcome her personal struggles. In the beginning, she did multiple jobs to support her family.

While studying at the Berklee College of Music, she got her start putting on live shows.

Blue Note Records hired her to be a producer. Then she curated her own concert series, called Revive Da Live.

By the time she finished college, she had a firm grasp of the music business. She wanted to reach younger audiences with jazz musicians.

Because of this, she was capable to put together shows that brought together hip hop and jazz musicians.

Blue note executive

Revive Music Group was founded by Stabile, who is a pioneer in the integration of jazz and hip hop.

As an educator, she has also created the unique program to connect jazz musicians with hip hop artists. It has brought together forty-plus musicians, such as Marcus Strickland or Mos Def.

Stabile studied at Berklee College of Music. Stabile began producing shows as a student. Blue Note Records signed Stabile in 2013.

As a producer, Stabile worked with Mos Def, Otis Brown III, and the Robert Glasper Experiment, among others.

Stabile was well-known as a consultant and creative strategist for artists. Stabile’s lifelong dedication to wellness and the arts is apparent in her work. She was a pioneer in creating a Wellness Spot at 2020 Winter JazzFest.

Stabile produced another original series, “Revive Da Live”. The event featured live jazz and hip hop performances. It was presented in conjunction with various festivals across the globe.

Wellness work

Stabile stepped away from the music scene to focus on wellness. She spoke about her struggles with alcohol and drugs.

To talk about mental health and the arts, she drew on her childhood traumas and addiction.

She is credited with bridging the gap between young jazz musicians and hip hop artists. Her tireless efforts helped grow the international jazz scene.

Stabile was formerly a waitress, and a bartender. Her small stature is balanced by a soft-spoken voice.

Stabile founded Revive Music Group in 2006. It began in 2006 as a series of live concerts.

In the early days, it featured Robert Glasper, Wallace Roney, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, and Marcus Strickland. It later partnered with Blue Note Records.

Stabile worked alongside a number of musicians, such as Roy Ayers and Pete Rock. She produced a partnered label anthology of 40+ musicians, which included the Robert Glasper Experiment.

Stabile played an active role in Boston’s jazz scene before moving to New York.

While working at Wally’s Cafe in the South End, she was a music enthusiast. After she graduated from Berklee, her first job was as a promotor.