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Michael Dell: Here’s What You Need to Know About Him

michael dell

Michael Saul Dell is an American philanthropist and businessman. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Dell Technologies, the world’s largest technology infrastructure company.

Michael Dell has donated millions of dollars to help children in need, and the company’s name is based on his first and last name.

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Michael Dell bio & age

michael dell

Michael Dell was born on 23 February 1965. He is 57 years old. He was born on a Tuesday.

Dell was born to a Jewish family in Texas. He completed his schooling in Houston. He attended the Herod Elementary School. At the age of twelve, he started an after-school business.

He sold newspaper subscriptions and even operated a mail-order trading business.

He earned $2000 at age twelve. This made him an early tech entrepreneur and he eventually became the CEO of Dell Computer Corporation. This is just a small part of his early life.

Michael Dell wife & children

The American businessman, Michael Dell, and his wife, Susan, share four children. They are very private and have not had rumors of divorce.

They live in an austen, Texas mansion. They have four children together and spend most of their time with them. Susan and Michael are also very close with their family.

In addition to their children, the Dells have three fashion labels and a high-end brand called Phi. Their relationship has been very private, but they have maintained a strong bond.

Susan Dell, the wife of billionaire Michael, was born in Dallas, Texas in 1965. She graduated from Arizona State University and studied fashion design.

She is an accomplished athlete and competed in cycling and triathlons. She also started a fashion line, Phi, and was featured in Vogue.

Her husband is the founder of Dell Technologies. Susan Dell is also the co-founder of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Susan Dell’s husband and her children are philanthropists and have made many charitable contributions to various organizations.

Michael Dell house

The newest home to grace the big island of Hawaii belongs to Mr. Michael. The 18-acre property is worth an estimated $73 million.

Located in a gated community, the house is only accessible by the owners and their guests. Visitors must have permission to visit the property, which features a private clubhouse that overlooks an archaeological reserve and Hawaiian fish ponds.

In addition to a sweeping view of Lake Austin, the house also features eight bedrooms.

The property is not large, but it is certainly impressive. The house is about 33,000 square feet, and it’s surrounded by acres of private land.

The property is also surrounded by other properties with conservation easements, which guarantee that they will stay vacant.

It’s easy to see why Michael is proud of his property and its pristine setting. And with such amenities and views, it’s no wonder that Dell owns so many properties!

Michael Dell height & weight

He is 5’5″ (170 cm) tall and weighs about 180 pounds (82 kg).

Michael Dell networth

Michael’s net worth is approximately $30 billion.

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