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Mike Brito, a Legendary Dodgers International Scout, Has Passed Away

Mike brito was a Dodgers scout

Mike Brito was a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers, a Cuban-American who worked for the team for almost 45 years. He was identified on the Dodgers home game telecasts in a white Panama hat and a radar gun.

Mike brito was a Dodgers scout

Mike brito was a Dodgers scoutMike Brito, a legendary international scout with the Dodgers, has passed away. The former Cuban baseball player and scout made a mark on the Dodgers and Latinos across the United States and Mexico.

Brito, who had been with the Dodgers since 1978, was named International Scout of the Year by Baseball America in 2014. He also received the Tony Gwynn Lifetime Achievement Award from Baseball America for his lifetime contributions to the game.

Brito was an important part of the Dodgers’ scouting staff, which included Al Campanis, who was later the team’s general manager. During the 1980s, Campanis used Brito to help bring several Mexican players to the majors. These players include Fernando Valenzuela, Yasiel Puig and Julio Urias.

Mike Brito is not only famous for his work in scouting talented athletes for the Dodgers, he also helped the team establish its cultural identity. His stylish suit, signature Panama hat and cigars were a part of the team’s image.

After a long career in the game, Brito retired. When he left the field, he worked as a truck driver in Los Angeles. But he never stopped his passion for baseball. In addition to working as a scout, he ran an amateur adult baseball league.

As an international scout, Brito was a pioneer in scouting players from Mexico. The Dodgers signed over 30 Mexican-born players in the big leagues.

mike brito became a celebrity in Mexico

If you’ve been to any Dodgers home games lately, you’ve likely seen scout Mike Brito. A man whose career spans nearly forty years, Brito is well-known for his work on the team. He helped sign dozens of players to Major League Baseball, many of them Mexican-born.

Before he joined the Dodgers as a scout, Brito played professionally in Mexico. He first made an appearance with the Washington Senators in 1955. During his time with the Senators, he also served as the catcher for their minor league teams. After his retirement, he returned to the United States to become a truck driver.

In 1978, the Los Angeles Dodgers offered him a job as a full-time scout. When he moved to Los Angeles, he became the team’s main scout in Mexico. This is where he discovered Mexican pitcher Fernando Valenzuela, who went on to be a star for the Dodgers.

He also signed standouts like Juan Castro, Joakim Soria, and Dennys Reyes. He even helped discover Yasiel Puig.

Brito was honored with the Tony Gwynn Award from Baseball America for his lifetime of service to the game. He also received the MLB International Scout of the Year award in 2014.

He was a part of the Dodgers “Brotherhood of the Game” exhibition, which pays tribute to the careers of Jackie Robinson, Hideo Nomo, and Chan Ho Park.

mike brito signed Julio Urias

The Los Angeles Dodgers have had a remarkable history of international scouting. They’ve discovered players from around the world and signed them to the big leagues. Mike Brito was an influential figure in this process. He was one of the most important scouts in the history of the organization.

In his long career with the Dodgers, Brito discovered many talented players. One of his greatest discoveries was pitcher Fernando Valenzuela. During his time with the team, he won a National League Cy Young Award and was named Rookie of the Year.

Another Latin-born superstar that Brito signed was Yasiel Puig. As a result, Brito was awarded the Tony Gwynn award from Baseball America.

In 2012, he signed a 16-year-old left-hander from Mexico, Julio Urias. While Urias was just a teenager when he made his MLB debut in 2011, he is now one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. His ERA is the lowest in the league and he’s got the potential to win the Cy Young Award.

Aside from being a legendary scout, Brito was a prominent agent for the Dodgers. After his retirement, he became a scout in the Mexican League.

Brito also discovered Victor Gonzalez. That player helped the Dodgers win the World Series in 2020. This was the first World Series title for the club in 32 years.