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Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution: Complete Guide 2022


Minecraft’s 1.19 Update introduces a number of changes to the underground game world. This inevitably causes a slight shift in the location of the ores.

Although their location hasn’t changed significantly since the 1.18 update, it is difficult to remember the spawn heights for all ores. This guide will cover all of the ore distribution heights and biome-based implications as well as new Minecraft 1.19 changes.

You will still need to have a few extra weapons to mine in this update due to the presence Warden within some resoure-filled regions. Let’s dive in!

Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution Explained (2022)

The recent updates have made huge changes to the terrain generation and the geomes in Minecraft. The distribution of Minecraft ore has also changed. We’re going to show you how to find every Minecraft ore.

What is Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution reddit?

What is Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution reddit

Minecraft’s world is divided into chunks. Each chunk is a set with 16 blocks along all directional axis. Each chunk is rendered by the game one at a time. Every chunk also has its own ore generation system. This is true for both Minecraft Java as well as the Bedrock editions. Ore distribution is the process of creating ores in Minecraft.

The world heights have an impact on the distribution of ore. The world height is 320 blocks, while the lowest point is at 64 blocks. If you know the preferred height for each ore you will find it within the majority of the game’s chunks at that particular world height.

In some cases, however, biomes can also play a part in ore generation. More on this later.

Minecraft 1.19: Where do Ores Come From?

Minecraft 1.19 Where do Ores Come From

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s get to the meat of the matter. We will be covering each ore’s specific generation rules as well as the factors that impact them.

We have verified the heights for every ore within Minecraft thanks to developer’s notes. This has not changed since the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update, so don’t worry if you’re familiar with the previous major update. Let’s now learn how to locate each ore in Minecraft 1.19.

Note: The “Y” in the following descriptions refers to the world height, and each unit indicates one in-game block.


Let’s put an end to all your excitement. Minecraft 1.19 uses diamond ore to generate below Y=16 world height. The chances of finding diamonds increase the further you go. This logic means that the height Y=-64 has a high chance to produce a deepslated ore of diamonds. However, lava can also be found at every step at this level. While you are mining, be sure to have a Fire Resistance.


The most efficient fuel for Minecraft is Y=256 to Y=0 world height. It can be found on top of mountains or even in caves. It Maximizes at Y=90 if you really want to collect it.


Copper is still a unique ore. If you’d like to see it in person, it can be found below Y=112 or above Y=-16 worldwide height. It spawns at a maximum 48world height. It spawns more often in the dripstone caves biomes. You can also use our best dropstone caves seeds for copper collection within minutes of spawning.


You can’t play Minecraft as a veteran or beginner without a collection iron. This important and common ore produces Y=-32 to Y=256. It is not easy to find it at the highest elevations of mountains. Instead, the highest amount of iron is generated at Y=16. This is where you should look.


In the Badlands biome of the overworld, the most valuable resource is the shiny gold ore. It is still possible to find it at levels Y=-64 or Y=32. In Minecraft 1.19, the highest level of gold ore can be found at the -16.

If you are unable to locate it, you can create an nether portal and search for gold in the Nether dimension. Its generation rate is higher here than in the best spots on the overworld, where there is more gold.


You can find redstone ore anywhere from Y=32 to Y=64. Its occurrence increases as you dig deeper. In Minecraft 1.19, maximum Redstone ore can be found at Y=64.


To trade with any villager in Minecraft you will need emeralds. It’s basically the game’s currency. You can find it anywhere between Y=-16 to Y=256. emerald generation is different from other ores. It increases in the mountains, particularly at a height of Y=224.

Lapis Lazuli

You need lapis lazuli to be able to use Enchantments in Minecraft. It is , the most rare Minecraft ore across all its biomes. Its generation range is Y= 0 to 64. If you are looking for lapis lazuli, the best height is Y=0.

How to find Netherite in Minecraft

Netherite is the strongest functional material in Minecraft, even though it doesn’t spawn on the same terrain as other ores. We have created a guide to help you locate Netherite in Minecraft. You don’t need to worry about Netherite until you have found all the other ores within the game.

Biome-Based Minecraft Ore Generation

Some ores are in special relationships with some Minecraft Biomes. Ore distribution can change in certain circumstances due to this. These are some of the biome-affected changes in ores:

The Badlands biome has higher amounts of Gold ore than its regular generation, with Y=256 to Y=40. Large veins of copper ore can be found in dripstone caves easily. However, such generation isn’t possible in other biomes. Only the mountain biomes can produce Emerald Ore. This is the only place where you can find the exclusive ore.
Ores from Ancient and Deep Dark Cities.

Minecraft 1.19 has made the caves in your worlds more expansive and open than ever. Exposure to ores is now more common than ever. Instead of digging for ores, you can simply aim to locate a large dark biome and find some interesting ores.

You can also do this in the new ancient city in Minecraft 1.19. These cities are much easier than caves and most ores can be found on the roofs. You can get a head start by looking at our best Ancient City seeds in Minecraft. However, the height-based rules for ore generation still apply.

Explore the New Minecraft 1.19 Ore Distribution

You are now ready to discover all the ores that Minecraft 1.19 has to offer. If you need more motivation, our top Minecraft 1.19 seeds list can help you find a number of resourceful and lucky spawns.

One of these can even give you a diamond within seconds of spawning. However, it is possible to find an ore if you are familiar with the best Minecraft commands. These in-game commands are no match for the best Minecraft Mods.

To keep vanilla Minecraft alive, many players don’t use mods or commands. Our guide to Minecraft’s Enchantments will help you on your ore discovery adventure without violating the rules.

Don’t forget, however, to share any other ore-finding tips you find in the latest update in the comment section.

Minecraft 1.19 ore levels 2022

1) Mine at Y level -58 for Diamond ores

Mine at Y level -58 for Diamond ores

The most sought-after item in the game is diamonds. They can be used to create the strongest pieces possible. To find the highest amount of diamond ores, players must venture underground. They can be found at Y level 58, just above the bedrock layer.

2) Mine at Y level 232 for Emerald ores

Mine at Y level 232 for Emerald ores

Emeralds can be used to buy useful items from wandering traders and villagers. Although villagers are the most common way to get emeralds, they can also found high up in mountains as ores at Y Level 232.

3) Mine at Y level 232 for Iron ores

Mine at Y level 232 for Iron ores

Iron can be used to make iron tools and weapons. You can also make many other items with it. Although the ore can be found at any level of Y, it is most common at Y level 232. A player can spot iron ore veins at Y levels 8 and -58.

4) Mine at Y level 96 for Coal ores

Mine at Y level 96 for Coal ores

Another important resource is coal, which is the primary fuel they use to smelt items. It is abundant at Y-96 on the lower hills and mountain tops, but it is not as common as above sea level. A stony hill can provide coal.

5) Mine at Y level -16 for Gold ores

Mine at Y level -16 for Gold ores

Although gold might not initially be the most valuable resource, it can prove to be very useful over time. Players must be aware of where the most gold is generated. The sweet spot to find Gold ores is Y level 16; however, gamers can still find plenty of it at any level if in the Badlands biome.

6) Mine at Y level 48 for Copper ores

Mine at Y level 48 for Copper ores

Copper, a relatively new earth material, can be used to make spyglasses or lightning rods. Copper can also be made into blocks and oxidized to change its color. It is most abundant at Ylevel 48. However, players can also find it within ore veins between Ylevel 48 and 0.

7) Mine at Y level -58 for Redstone ores

Mine at Y level -58 for Redstone ores

Redstone, a special component, allows some blocks to be activated automatically. Redstone is used to create contraptions that work automatically without the need for player interaction. Redstone, which is similar to diamonds and most common at the Y level 58.

8) Mine at Y level 0 for Lapis Lazuli ores

Mine at Y level 0 for Lapis Lazuli ores

Lapis Lazuli is used to enchant items and extract blue dye. You can find it most often at Y Level 0, but you can also get it anywhere between 64 and 63.

9) Mine at Y levels 10-114 in Nether for Nether Quartz

Mine at Y levels 10-114 in Nether for Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz is the most commonly found Nether ore in Minecraft. You can find it at any level, but most often you will see it between Y levels 10 to 114. It is an excellent source of Quartz and XP points.

10) Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Nether Gold

Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Nether Gold

The Nether Gold ore can be found at any level of the Nether. However, it is more abundant at Y 15. Because they are so common, players don’t usually go too far to find them.

11) Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Ancient Debris

Mine at Y level 15 in the Nether for Ancient Debris

Ancient Debris is the most desired ore block after Diamond gear. This is because netherite can also be extracted from them, making them the strongest gear in the game. These can be found at Y level 15.