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Missing Woman – A Mystery Thriller Untold Story

missing woman

Missing woman : Woman who has been missing from her family since 2010 has been discovered secretly living with her lover next door.

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missing woman

A weird series of circumstances just revealed an 11-year-old mystery: a woman reported missing in India in 2010 was discovered to have been covertly living with her amorous friend for a decade, right next door to her family’s home.

According to The Indian Express, the woman, who has only been identified as “Sajitha,” vanished from her hometown in Kerala when she was only 18 years old.

Her family had given up hope that she would ever be found more than a decade later. When the man she ran away with was recently reported missing by his own family, it set off a chain reaction of events that led back to Sajitha.

The drama started in February 2010, when Sajitha allegedly left her home and walked 500 metres to Alinchuvattil Rahman’s house.

She lived in a spare single room in the house for a decade without the knowledge of Rahman’s other family members, with whom he shared the house.

Rahman, according to his brother Basheer, was very private about his extra room, keeping it closed and refusing admission to anyone save himself.

Rahman’s parents didn’t press the issue further because of his apparent poor temper, instead allowing the strange conduct to continue.

“Sometimes he behaved like a mentally ill person, and if someone tried to enter his room, he would become violent,” Basheer told The Indian Express.

“He’d even bring his food inside to eat… Because everyone was at work throughout the day, Rahman and Sajitha would have the house to themselves.”

Meanwhile, at the time of Sajitha’s disappearance, authorities were frantically searching for her. She didn’t have a cell phone, and there was no cause for officials to believe she was with Rahman, who was then 24 years old.

The couple’s secret arose from their different religious backgrounds, and they were apparently afraid of the reaction they would get if they made their relationship public.

According to The Indian Express, Sajitha kept herself occupied by watching a little TV with headphones over the years. She would discharge herself through the hotel’s window at night because the room did not have a restroom.

When Sajitha eventually left Rahman’s residence three months ago for unclear reasons, the decade-long mystery began to unfold.

Rahman apparently got into a quarrel with his family the same day and left, and his family promptly filed a missing person report on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Rahman and Sajitha have established themselves in another village. Basheer “saw [Rahman] by coincidence” there, according to The Indian Express, and unearthed the couple’s secret, putting the mystery to a close.

Police took the couple to court, where Rahman said that he had kept Sajitha hidden for so long because he was afraid his family would reject her. There is still no explanation for why Sajitha chose to stay in the little room for so long.

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