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Nigel Farage Compares Scenes At Downing Street

Nigel Farage Compares Scenes At Downing Street

Nigel Farage, the host of GB News, likened the scandal engulfing the Prime Minister and his government to the “gunfight at the O.K. Corral.”

Nigel Farage Compares Scenes At Downing Street to a ‘gunfight at the O.K. Corral’

Nigel Farage Compares Scenes At Downing Street

Nigel emphasized his disgust with the matter, calling the handling of the Chris Pincher misbehavior claims a “mix of incompetence and outright lying.”

The former leader of UKIP, who had previously supported the current Prime Minister and his desire to leave the European Union, said on GB News: “Last night I made the point of saying it wasn’t just Boris Johnson’s career that he had dragged down, it was actually the whole reputation and brand of the Conservative party and indeed the broader conservative movement in the country.”

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid’s resignation as former top Cabinet members was applauded by the host of GB News, who said yesterday night that it signals a “moment of hope” for the Conservative Party.

One of the worst crises of confidence in the government and those in charge, according to Nigel, that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Two men have accused Mr. Pincher of making lewd advances toward them at a Conservative Friends of Cyprus event held at the Carlton Club in Piccadilly.

Nigel noted the results of a recent YouGov survey that asked people if they thought the Prime Minister should step down and stated: “Overnight YouGov’s statistic is that 54% of those who voted conservative in 2019 want him gone as Prime Minister.”

The leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in doubt. Jeremy Tallis

There is no escaping the fact that many people in prominent government positions have told lies and half-truths in the Chris Pincher case, he said.

The former MEP declared, “Enough is enough,” bringing up the Partygate affair, which led to Mr. Johnson facing a vote of no confidence.

“What is going on in number ten now must be something like the gunfight at the OK Corral, because of course Nadine Dorries is there still waving the flag for Boris Johnson,” he said, describing the chaotic circumstances at Downing Street.

This afternoon, the 1922 Committee convened to talk about the prime minister’s future.

An MP who was present at the meeting and decided against changing the leadership election rules told GB News reporter Tom Harwood that the committee has instead hurried up the election process, with backbencher MPs now scheduled to vote on Monday rather than Wednesday.

If Mr. Johnson lost a new vote of confidence, Conservative MPs would be free to nominate a new leader. Before the summer break, MPs might narrow the field of contenders to just two.

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