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Qubool Hai” TV Actress Nishi Singh Dies A Day After Her 50th Birthday


Nishi Singh, the actress from Qubool Hai, just passed away, sending shockwaves through the Hindi entertainment world.

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TV actress, Nishi Singh died at age 50: cause of death

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Nishi Singh, who had acted in the hugely popular daily soap Qubool Soap, reportedly passed dead on September 18, 2022. This change is terrible for the entertainment sector.

She was well-known in the world of small-screen entertainment, so when she suddenly passed away, everyone was stunned.

Fans of daily soap operas are anxious to learn what happened to Nishi Singh in the interim.

In this post, we’ll talk about what happened to Nishi Singh and how old she was when she passed away.

Read what Sanjay Singh, Nishi Singh’s husband, had to say following her untimely passing as well. For further information, kindly scroll down the page and look below.

How did Nishi Singh die?

Actress Nishi Singh reportedly passed away on September 18, 2022, after a protracted illness. The Qubool Hai actress reportedly had a sickness for the previous three years.

Although Nishi’s particular cause of death is unknown at this time, we do know that she passed away on Sunday night as a result of her chronic illness.

Nishi Singh, the actress from Qubool Hai, reportedly just turned 50. Her passing was verified by her spouse, Sanjay Singh Bhadli. He stated that his wife was fifty years old.

Her husband and two children were left behind by Nishi. She was survived by her two children, a boy and a daughter, as well as by Sanjay Singh Bhadli.

The age of Nishi’s daughter is now 18, while her son is currently 21. The actress Nishi experienced a paralytic attack in 2019, the source claims.

She experienced the same paralytic arrest in 2020, one year later. According to reports, Nishi was recovering, but after another arrest this year, Nishi’s health started to deteriorate.

According to Nishi Singh’s husband, the family is currently experiencing both financial difficulties and her mourning.

She had a serious throat illness for the past few weeks, according to Sanjay Singh, who spoke to Etimes.

We were forced to feed her only liquids after she stopped consuming solid food. The biggest irony is that we just recently celebrated her 50th birthday (September 16).

She couldn’t speak, yet she seemed extremely content. She agreed when I asked her to eat her favourite dessert, besan ka laddoo.

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