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Non VoIP Numbers


Over the past decade, the popularity of virtual phone numbers has grown in an obvious exponential way as a powerful and cheap alternative to the use of traditional phone lines. Although they are very popular in many communities, its meaning and usage relay unknown for many around the world. Let’s dive a little into the world of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Non VoIP Numbers

Non VoIP Numbers

Virtual phone numbers are telephone numbers obtained with no need to give out personal information such as an ID or a credit card number.  They are not directly associated to a phone line and can be used to make or receive calls, as well as send or receive text messages. Among the different types of VoIP phone services, there exists one which has been proved to be an excellent solution for fraudulent activity and scams: Non VoIP Numbers.

Also known as Non-Voice Over Internet Protocol Number or Internet Telephony, a Non VoIP Number is a real telephone number assigned to a user who is associated to a specific phone line. It depends on a broadband connection and is tremendous for remote teams and global communications. One of the important aspects of Non VoIP Numbers is that they lower the cost of communication when compared to traditional phone lines; to be more specific: average business saves from 30% to 50% of communication costs.

These numbers can also be used in countries where there’s prohibition of certain services, in order to facilitate account registration for all kinds of internet users. Regarding to the mentioned above, Non VoIP Numbers are not linked to a physical address, which is why surfers can verify their accounts for any kind of service. This leads to no extra charges since bill and long distance charges that may come with a normal phone number, are removed.  

Another plus of this service is its automation. These numbers can be integrated with programs with different softwares to make mass verifications in services like Amazon, Ebay, Uber Eats, Blizzard, Discord, Wallmart Money Card, Tinder, Prolific and other platforms. Users can also register in survey sites using Non VoIP Numbers to make money online. And as if it wasn’t enough, privacy is completely insured: getting a Non VoIP Number does not require any personal information since it is totally anonymous. 

Its portability of service with no extra charges, the cost savings and service automation, the variety of uses and the layer of protection this worldwide service provides, are just few of the great qualities it counts with. Now, the real question might be where and how users can get these virtual numbers.

While there are many free options for Non VoIP Numbers that allow users to validate all kinds of accounts, there is no guarantee they will work. Particularly, companies nowadays rely on phone numbers to limit the risk of fraud by checking to be sure is they are real. However, there are few paid providers that are worth looking into, like VerifyWithSMS.

Operated by the company Epsilon Technology LTD, this phone number verification service stands out for selling US Non VoIP numbers under the best telephone service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and Spectrum. With the best affordable prices on the market, the cost of each number goes from 1.14$, and can be registered on different platforms that require a phone number. 

These virtual numbers can only be used to receive text messages and can be purchased with different payment methods like Coinbase, CoinPayments, Payeer (VISA/MasterCard) and PerfectMoney. With a great diversity of clients, starting from the US and Latin America, to the UK and even China and India, this company’s mission goes beyond facilitating account verification processes; it is also about providing security and confidence in customers when registering on platforms.

One of the peculiarities this service has is the one-time usage of its Non VoIP numbers for verification. This means that once a customer receives the text message, the virtual number becomes entirely inaccessible to other customers, including the purchaser. When a virtual number of this type is purchased, the company gives a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes to receive the text message; if the time is out and the number wasn’t used, it is erased and automatically out of use; the money is immediately refunded to the costumer. VerifyWithSMS charges only for every received text message instead of every purchased virtual number.

Without a doubt, this service is simple, fast and reliable. Every internet user is strongly recommended to verify all his accounts with the real US based phones this company has to offer. Go ahead and take a look now!