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Nuvvila (Movie Review)


Described as a “dark and twisted romance”, Nuvvila is a movie that follows three young men who work at a pizza joint. They all have dreams, but things get complicated when the cupid strikes.


Touted as the next best thing to the nirvana (and its ilk), Nuvvila is a yikes. The requisite glitz and glamour are missing in action and it’s a shame, for the film has a lot of heart. The aforementioned movie has a slew of newbies in the lead roles, including a pair of aforementioned debutantes in the form of Vijay Deverkondan and Sarayu, respectively. Amongst the cast, the duo are the most impressive, with both of them having a knack for the screen.

Nuvvila was made on a shoestring budget, but that didn’t stop the filmmakers from churning out one of the tamer aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned. While the film has plenty of blunders, it also has its fair share of accolades. From a technical standpoint, the movie has a few qualms, including a clunky camera and a haphazardly scripted script, but it isn’t too hard to forgive a film about a bevy of pixies.


Despite a few missteps, the storyline of Nuvvila is pretty good. It revolves around three characters, a teenager, a young girl and a young man. The movie is a modern take on the age-old topic of parents and outlook. It also features some fine comedy. Its performances are also pretty decent, with the duo of Prasad and Remi doing the best.

The storyline of Nuvvila is loosely inspired by “Sex is Zero”. But the movie is not as zany as its title suggests. In fact, it has an intelligent screenplay, and the dad-son sentiment is quite mature. Moreover, the comedy is pretty good, and the music is melodious. It also features a gay character. This is a first for a mainstream Telugu film.

Nuvvilla is an enjoyable romantic comedy. Its first half is good, but the second half is a bit slow. The last 25 minutes make up for it. The characters are well-written, and the dialogues are very meaningful at times. There is a lot of fun in this movie, and if you are a fan of Ravibabu, you will like this film.


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This new music by Nuvvila is sung by Anup Rubens and the song is from the album Padesave. The song was released in January 2016, and has a duration of 4 minutes 33 seconds. Nuvvila is a 2011 Telugu romantic comedy movie directed by Ravi Babu, produced by Ramoji Rao, and written by Ravi Babu. It starred Ajay, Havish, Yami Gautam, and Sarayu in the lead roles. The movie was a box office hit, and was also nominated for the Filmfare Awards.