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Oli London Look Before & After Surgery


Oli London : After undergoing ‘Korean Eyes’ surgery, Oli London insists they are ‘Transracial.’

Oli London, a British-born white influencer, has reaffirmed their claim to be “transracial” by announcing that they now identify as Korean.

Following declaring on YouTube that they have “transitioned” races and cultures after surgery to match their K-Pop idol, Jimin of BTS, London—who identifies as non-binary—has received hostility on social media in recent days.

Oli London Look Before & After Surgery There is huge difference

oli londonLondon also showed off their surgically enhanced “Korean eyes” while discussing more about their identity in a video posted to Twitter on Monday.

“Finally, I’m feeling Korean,” London said. “I am a member of the Korean community. Maybe now that I have the look, people will accept me more.

Perhaps people will mistake me for a Korean, which would make me really happy. They can see how much I adore their culture since I’ve gone to such great lengths because I adore Korea.

“All I want to accomplish is make Jimin proud, because he is my ultimate idol.” I want him to be pleased, and I’m sure he will be pleased that I now resemble him.

I’ve got his eyes. Jimin’s Korean eyes are now mine, and they’re stunning… So I’m overjoyed with my new appearance. When my swelling goes down, I can’t wait to see the final results.”

“TRANSRACIAL is a thing!” London tweeted in response to mounting criticism in the hours that followed. It was my idea! You can be TRANSRACIAL if you can be transgender. “Live your life to the fullest, be yourself, and spread love.”

“Help me speak out against the injustice I am enduring, the racism & transphobia from the WOKE MOB,” London said, appealing for help from Fox News celebrities Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro was among a slew of famous social media figures to back London, writing on Monday that “only bigots disagree” with their claim that being transsexual “is the same as being TRANSRACIAL since you were born in the wrong body.”

“Live your truth, Oli,” Shapiro said in response to London’s rendition of the South Korean banner, which they changed to include the Pride rainbow flag.

“Thank you so much, Ben, for your help! “It’s great to have you call out the WOKE’s hypocrisy alongside me,” London added, prompting Shapiro to write: “This intolerance, especially during Pride Month, is a troubling reminder of just what Trans Koreans suffer.”

In response to Shapiro’s statement, London commented, “Well said.” “The WOKE’s hypocrisy is out of control!”

“Trans Koreans are Koreans,” Shapiro continued, referring to a video in which London unveiled their new identity to their fans.

While some Twitter users questioned if his comments were meant to be taken seriously, Shapiro was one of a handful of conservative commentators who weighed in on Monday.

Laurence Fox, who ran for mayor of London unsuccessfully earlier this year in an attempt to “challenge severe political correctness,” wrote to London in Korean, “Live your best life.”

“The backlash against Oli London is dumb and xenophobic,” British YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson said.

Why can’t Oli identify as Korean? If biological men can identify as women, why can’t Oli identify as Korean? The term “trans-racial” should be added to the LGBT flag right away. “It’s time to put an end to #TransRacialHate.”

“Can someone who accepts that this individual is ‘non-binary’ please explain to me why that makes sense to you and is fine, but it is NOT OK for this person to be Korean?” questioned Nzube Udezue, a rapper from the United Kingdom.

“I’m going to come out today and declare that I’ve been transitioning,” London said in a video posted on YouTube over the weekend. For the past eight years, I’ve been deeply unhappy with who I am, and I’ve undergone something like 18 plastic procedures…

“I recently underwent a facelift, brow lift, temple lift, eye surgery (canthoplasty), and teeth whitening. These are only a few of the things I’m going through.

I’m in a great mood, and for the first time in my life, I think I’m gorgeous. I’m gazing in the mirror and loving how I look and feeling, and I’m hoping that others will appreciate my decision.

“It’s been a difficult decision to come out this way, but I’m coming out as non-binary,” concluded YouTuber and Instagram star London.

“I don’t think I identify as a man or a woman.” I just feel like I’m in the centre, and they/them, Korean/Jimin are my pronouns…

“I know a lot of people don’t get me, but I identify as Korean, and I now have a Korean appearance.”

I’m starting to get a Korean vibe. Please don’t refer to me as British because I identify as Korean, because I don’t identify as British.

“That’s just my native nation, that’s simply my culture.” That’s how I appear now, and I also go by the name Jimin, which is my Korean name… I understand if it’s a little perplexing for some.

Nobody has ever identified themselves as Jimin or Korean, but if you’ve been following my trip for the past eight years, you’re aware of this.

“I’ve had a lot of trouble with my identity, with who I am… It’s a difficult one, but I’ve finally summoned the confidence to take it on.

I’ve had my racial—I’m at a loss for words—transitional surgery. I’ve gone non-binary—they/them, Korean/Jimin—and I finally have the Korean look, so I’m really thrilled.”

In 2018, London made headlines after disclosing they had paid over $100,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like musician Jimin. In the years since, the figure has been reported to have surpassed $200,000.

Oli London, a social media star who has been receiving cosmetic surgeries to improve their appearance since 2013, discussed the response with the Daily Mail earlier this month.

“It is sad that WOKE people would use my coming out and sharing my non-binary Korean identity—something that took me many years to understand and accept and took me enormous courage to share with the world—as a platform to bully, degrade, and dehumanise me and the LGBT community during Pride Month, a month that celebrates diversity, equality, and love,” they said.

“While I recognise that many people may not understand how I identify and may find it strange,” they wrote, “being Korean and feeling Korean is a part of who I am and how I feel.” And no woke person, bully, or troll will ever be able to take that away from me.

“I’ve gone through significant lifestyle changes to become who I am now and have lived in Korea, where I eat Korean food every day, use Korean skincare, undergo plastic surgery to appear Korean, and speak Korean—all of this has shaped me as a person and my identity as a non-binary Korean person.”

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