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Orlando Euell Died: Know How Did He Die?


Orlando Euell, a Milwaukee resident, was found near 25th and Pierce, Wisconsin. He was found dead in a pool his own blood. Scroll down to read how Orlando Euell Died.

He was declared dead on the spot despite the efforts of emergency workers. Sources claim that Euell was killed by one gunshot after a failed cocaine transaction.

Keaira Walker was then accused of the murder of Euell. Walker entered a guilty plea in March 2020 to the charge and is currently in prison for 16 years.

How did Orlando Euell die?

Orlando Euell Died

According to reports Keaira Walker was in a group of two women who eventually would testify in the case. She allegedly killed Orlando Euell in broad daylight in May 2019.

One witness reported that Euell was asleep in the backseat of Walker’s Pontiac G6 when she joined them. Walker allegedly spoke to the victim about purchasing cocaine that day at National and 27th.

Euell had promised to spend $200 but, as they drove around, he told Walker that he intended to only spend $40. Witnesses claimed that Walker then took a gun and pointed it at Euell before reaching for the door.

To get the $200, the gunman said that Walker would have to be killed. Walker fired the revolver after a brief argument. Euell was reportedly thrown out of the car as Walker drove off.

Walker’s car was the home of another witness, who gave a similar account of the events leading up to the shooting. They also claimed that Walker told Walker that she didn’t want to smoke her as she left the scene of the shooting.

Keaira Walker pleaded guilty on March 10, 2020 to second-degree reckless murder with the use a deadly weapon in the Orlando Euell shooting case.

Two other charges, including attempted armed robbery and possession of a gun, were dropped as part of the plea deal. Walker is currently serving a 16 year sentence at Wisconsin’s Taycheedah Correctional Institution, Fond Du Lac.

The world is currently not provided with much information about the case. We are working to gather all information about the case to keep our readers informed.

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