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Overwatch Ana League Skin : Get The New Ana Look


How To Get The New Ana Look In Overwatch League

overwatch anaOverwatch ana : It’s almost time for the third Overwatch League tournament of the 2021 season, believe it or not.

Blizzard has provided a new Overwatch League skin for each tournament, if you’ve been paying attention.

Ana is the next character to get a new look after Mei and Widowmaker.

The Haroeris Ana skin honours the hero’s Egyptian ancestry. One of Ana’s eyes shines crimson “to signify the summer sun,” as Haroeris was a sky god whose eyes were the sun and moon.

Blizzard stated, “Our goal with this skin was to portray the concept of victory in an abstract fashion and create a striking aesthetic with a different style than prior Ana skins.”

“The gleaming gold armour is definitely a first for her, and the bird concept grew organically on top of that.”

We’ve seen duality previously in Overwatch League skins, such as Echo’s MVP look in celebration of Fleta and the All-Stars skins from last year.

You won’t be able to unlock this skin just by playing enough Overwatch because it’s an Overwatch League skin.

To add Haroeris Ana to your collection, you’ll need to pay 200 Overwatch League tokens.

By linking your Battle.net account to YouTube and watching live Overwatch League matches, you can earn tokens for free. You can learn how to do so here:

For roughly $10, you may also buy enough tokens to unlock the skin.

If you have enough tokens, you may purchase Haroeris Ana by going to the Overwatch League menu in the game, then clicking the Overwatch League logo below all of the OWL team icons to discover the skin.

The skin can be purchased till July 19th. From July 15 to 17, the Summer Showdown tournament will be held.

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