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Rem Death Note Characters

Rem Death Note
Rem Death Note

Rem is a female Shinigami who is responsible for bringing the second death note to the human world. Her strong dedication to Misa Amane is another reason she is well-known.

Rem, like Ryuk is a Shinigami and is loyal to her Death Note owner. However, she differs from Ryuk in that she is willing to sacrifice herself for Misa.

A Rem Death Note Character Overview

Rem is a female Shinigami possessed by Misa Amane. She is a rank 4 shinigami who can see the lifespans of anyone she observes and is known to be very protective.

She is adamant about not only assisting Misa, but actively protecting her from any danger. Although she doesn’t display the ‘proper Shinigami traits’, she will sacrifice her life to save Misa.

Ryuk enjoys the beauty and humor of all things in this human world. Rem, however, sees most people with disdain and contempt. Although she is not averse to Light’s successes or failures, she will help her friend when it benefits him.

Ryuk is also a special friend of hers because she’s open about her feelings. She even tries to teach him that a Shinigami can have real emotions.

Rem Death Note Origins

Rem is a female Shinigami (Death God), and a character in the manga and anime series Death Note. Tsugumi Okaba and Takeshi Obata created her.

She is a rank 4 Shinigami and can see the names and lifespans of anyone she observes in the Shinigami world. She was designed to contrast Ryuk, a rank 5 Shinigami and the main antagonist of the Death Note series.

Misa was given the Death Note by a fellow Shinigami in order to save Misa Amane who had been attacked by an unknown killer. She then decided to pass the Death Note on to Misa because she believed it was the right thing to do.

Anime – Rem Death Note

Rem is a shinigami that protects and aids Misa Amane. She has a strong devotion to Misa and attempts to protect her at any cost, including giving her life.

When Gelus died, Rem felt protective of Misa and dropped her old Death Note to the human world for her to find. Rem used this to reach out to Misa to show her how the notebook worked.

Misa offered to pay Misa for her shinigami eye so she could reveal the names and addresses of everyone who saw her. She was reluctant to make this deal, but Misa insisted.

Misa also traded her life for the shinigami eyes, sacrificing half her lifespan and risking her own death to save Misa. She would soon die for saving a human, the same fate that Gelus had suffered.

Manga – Rem Death Note

Rem, despite being Shinigami is extremely compassionate towards people. Misa Amane is a favorite of her and she will do anything to help her.

Unlike the other Shinigami in Death Note, she does not betray her power to kill humans. She instead supports them in the fight against crime.

Her intelligence and empathy make her an appealing character.

During the series, Rem becomes an important figure in the story, helping her fellow Shinigami Misa Amane kill criminals and helping them escape the law. She is the one who gives Misa her Death Note and Shinigami eyes.

Rem Death Note Film

Rem, also known as Death God or Shinigami (or Death God), is Takeshi Obata’s favourite character. She is a minor character in the manga, but she plays a significant role in the anime and live-action movies.

Gelus, who is a Shinigami and has fallen in love Misa, gives himself for her safety. Misa uses the Death Note to get rid of criminals and officers. Light hates Light for his plans to use Light to destroy her.

When Light tricks her into giving him her Death Note, she allows him to kill Watari and L on her behalf, but in the end she dies as well. It’s also at this point that she destroys her own Death Note, which makes Light unable to possess it.

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