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Repairing Cracked Concrete Using Epoxy


No matter how strong and resilient concrete is, if not poured correctly or misused, it will obtain crack in the long run. It may not seem serious at first, but cracks can cause potential damage to your driveway or flooring. The good news is that repairing concrete can be easy with the correct material. There are DIY repair kits available in local stores that you can use to rescue your cracked or pitted concrete. One of the most effective materials to use is Epoxy which is convenient to apply, does not need routing, cures fast, and can be used even in freezing temperatures. Although repairs can only be a band-aid solution depending on the severity and cracking cause, it can still help fix the problem. 

Repairing Cracked Concrete Using Epoxy

Common Reasons for Cracked Concrete

Sub-Base Issue

Among the reasons for cracks in concrete is poor compaction of the sub-base. This will result in the concrete settling unevenly in one area instead of the entire surface. The concrete will start to sink to correct the situation, which leads to cracking. 

Cold Temperatures

Concrete’s number one adversary would be the freezing temperature. Once the concrete freezes, the dirt beneath it will cause it to expand. The strain will cause the concrete to break after a while. 


It is normal for concrete to shrink when it dries up. However, when the mixture is done incorrectly or too wet, the concrete can crack after it shrinks. To prevent cracking, expansion joints should be placed into the floor.

Repairing cracked concrete may only be an impermanent solution, depending on what led to the damage. If the sub-base is the root issue, you may need to redo the concrete. The concrete will most likely shift again, so repairing will not be of much help. If the problem is due to the cold season, repairs can do the trick until the next winter. A permanent repair should be done if the concrete cracked because of an initial shrinkage.

How to Repair the Crack

  1. Start by preparing the crack. Use a hammer and a chisel to hollow out the crack’s edges to make it bigger at the bottom. This will allow a more effective repair. 

Tip: Use a file to make the crack bigger if it is too narrow for a more lasting repair. 

  1. Using a wire brush, clean the crack of dirt that may have gotten inside while keying it. You can use a vacuum to suck up any small or loose particles for more meticulous cleaning. 
  2. Clean the area with water to remove any remaining debris. Use a stronger cleaner to eliminate grease in the area before you start with repairs. 
  3. Inject concrete repair resin into the crack.
  4. Put dry silica sand into the crack.
  5. Immerse the sand with more resin to ensure the crack is filled to the surface.
  6. Let it dry for at least 10 to 15 minutes, then use a putty knife to smoothen out the surface. 
  7. Sand the surface if the outcome feels rough and appears sloppy.

If you are not satisfied with your repair results and want to have it redone, give Pro Orlando Concrete Contractors a call at (407) 413-8070, and we will gladly do the job for you. We know exactly how to bring back the lasting quality and look of your concrete.

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