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Rick Stephenson Death Cause: Know How Did He Die?


We are sorry to announce the tragic death of Rick Stephenson. He was the former morning show host at 102.7 Super Hits Radio, Peoria, Illinois. What was Rick Stephenson Death cause?

According to reports Rick died on Tuesday, November 7, 2022. Rick did more than just leave this world, he also left behind his family in deep grief. Since the news broke, condolence messages and tributes have been flooding social media platforms. It has taken everyone by surprise.

Let’s find out his cause of death, and how he died.

What was Rick Stephenson’s Cause of Death?

Rick Stephenson Death Cause

102.7 Super Hits posted the news on Facebook. According to 102.7 Super Hits, it was heartbreaking to announce the death of Rick Stephenson, their former morning host.

Rick received condolences from the channel. They said Rick was not only a radio pro, but also the most kind guy in the entire world.

We send our prayers to Megan, his daughter and all of her family, including the amazing grandkids that he loved to chat about. Oscar, RIP Rick. Give him the hug that you’ve been waiting for.

According to reports Rick Stephenson died from a stroke. Over the weekend, he suffered a stroke that ultimately led to his death.

Rick’s mate Doug Warner said that he was shocked to hear about Rick’s passing. He added that he enjoyed working in the same building as Rick many years ago.

Warner also said that he enjoyed following him on Facebook, even though he was working in other cities.

He stated that he heard from Rick tonight, as he was wrapping election coverage, that Rick had died today following a stroke that occurred over the weekend.

Who was Rick Stephenson?

Rick was a radio specialist, as we have already mentioned. Rick was not only a skilled radio specialist, but he was also the most sincere and sweetest person I know.

According to reports, he was an engineer for the railroad which passed through Wildlife Prairie Park. He worked there for a while.

Rick was also the corporate spokesperson. He has been an engineer on Saturdays for the railroad since 2009.

Rick was always available to give updates and ensure that park visitors had the most current information about what was happening while they were on the rails.

This amazing personality has passed away. Follow Social Telecast to get the latest updates

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