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Room Planner: Professional Layouts for Everyone


Room Planner

Whether you’re an experienced interior designer or someone who’s just beginning the journey, planning and visualization are likely the most daunting aspects of the whole thing. The instruments you hear of all the time are so complex they might seem overwhelming. It feels like you might need an extra couple of years to master the art, doesn’t it?

The good news is that visualizing your interior doesn’t have to be that difficult. Let’s have a look at the Room Planner app and how you can use it to:

  • create layouts as a designer;
  • offer your customers an early tour as a real estate agent;
  • get a better understanding of which changes you’d like as someone decorating their home.

Why Create a Layout in the First Place

A layout shows how shapes and spaces align with each other within an interior. It’s a must-have tool for every designer seeking to achieve harmony and maximize useful room while avoiding waste.

Professionals and customers alike rely on layouts to figure out how to divide their living space into functional areas as well as when filling them with furniture. When it comes to interior design, having a layout also helps you decide on the size, shape, and location of statement pieces to avoid creating a cluttered, empty, or claustrophobic space.

With Room Planner, you can create black-and-white as well as colored floor plans. This app offers a quick and easy way to create a layout by entering the dimensions. The interface is highly intuitive and doesn’t take much time to master.

Early and VR Tours: Treat Yourself

Virtual reality enables us to experience what doesn’t, yet, exist in real life. Compelling visualizations do the same, both for you as a designer and for your potential customers in case you work in real estate.

Luckily, Room Planner offers a 3D visualization functionality that enables you to give early tours easily. A 360-degree view of a brand-new interior will surely attract more happy customers and increase sales as everyone wants to know the feel of their new home before they buy it.

The application makes creating a breath-taking 3D tour as easy as playing a video game. Just select the element you want to change and choose from a wide variety of skins available to make it look the way it’s going to be when the happy new owners first enter their new home.

VR brings this to a whole new level. By interacting with a living space via VR devices, you can get the most realistic experience. Prepare to open for this cutting-edge technology brought to you by Room Planner — the tool expects a VR extension in its functionality to arrive in the nearest future.

Explore the Power of Visualization

An intuitive space planning and visualization app is a must if you work with interiors, whether as a real estate agent or a designer. Work with unparalleled comfort in Room Planner, an all-in-one solution for interior design.

What’s the interior project you are working on right now? You’re welcome to show it off in the comments.