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Who is Scott Moir Skating Partner & Wife Jaclyn Mascarin?

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Jaclyn Mascarin, Scott Moir wife, is an ice skater professional. Jaclyn and Scott were skater partners in the past and got married in June 2022. When Scott announced his engagement news at Tessa’s Hall of Fame ceremony in 2019, fans went on an emotional rollercoaster. He got married to another woman while everyone was still trying to figure out his skating partner Tessa Virtue.

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue have been skating partners for many years. Ellen confirmed their relationship four years ago when they spoke to Ellen.

Moir and Virtue started practicing at a Kitchener skating rink, about 70 miles from their London homes. His aunt, who was also his skating coach, believed that the two small, athletic children would be a good match on the ice.

They got along well and their performances in London were attended by thousands. After six years of skating together, Virtue and Moir moved to Kitchener to increase their dedication to their training.

Scott Moir Wife Jaclyn Mascarin is His Skating Partner

Jaclyn Mascarin, Scott Moir’s wife, made her first public appearance in 2019 on Canada’s Walk of Fame. Jaclyn is an Ice Skater.

Their wedding news was met with strong criticism from their fans. After having a daughter, Scott and Jackie  married in June 2022.

In 2021, the three-time Olympic champion and his girlfriend gave birth to their daughter. Scott made the announcement about Jaclyn’s engagement quietly. Tessa also tweeted that she was looking for a date to marry her partner.

Jaclyn Mascarin has 38 years of age. Jaclyn Mascarin has  widely criticized. There are many fake accounts that claim she isn’t fit to be an Olympic gold medalist. One profile claims Jaclyn is more senior than Scott Moir.

Jaclyn’s social media posts are filled with criticism and trolling. The wife of three-time Olympic champion has managed to keep herself out of the spotlight for a while.

They  married June 20, 2022. The couple knew each other before Scott met Tessa. They have a daughter together, and live in Canada. Scott Moir and Jackie Mascarin from a critics fan profile.

Jaclyn Mascarin & Scott Have a Daughter Together

Jaclyn Macarin and Scott Moir  blessed in 2021 with a girl. After their baby girl was born, they planned to marry. Reddit user r/Figureskating posted a thread one year ago in which Scott claimed to be the father of a seven-month-old child. Jaclyn is now around two years old, while Scott is seven months old.

He is content with his small family and happy, but Canada’s international hero Scott was actually born to Jaclyn Alma and Joe Moir in London (Ontario, Canada). He is the youngest son of three. His older brothers are Danny Moir, Charlie Moir.

Scott learned to skate naturally because his aunt and mother were coaches. His elder brothers Danny and Charlie have both been competitive skaters in the past. Scott’s daughter may follow in the footsteps of her father and pursue a career as an ice skater.

The Moir family is big on professional skating. Scott’s cousins participated in the 2007 World Synchronized Skating Championships, Canada’s NEXXICE Team.

Moir’s secondary education in electronic learning at Medway High School  completed only after the 2014 Olympics. At the age three, his mother encouraged him to learn figure skating to be a form of exercise. After winning the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyongchang.

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue Relationship

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue began their relationship when they were 9 and 7. Heand Tessa were together for a time during childhood.

Ellen interviewed the couple and cleared up rumors about their relationship. The Ellen interview concluded that the most aspired figure skating partner was not dating. After six years of skating together, Virtue and Moir moved to Kitchener to increase their dedication to training. They later moved to Detroit to train with Marina Zoueva (and Igor Shpilband), respectively.

Scott and Virtue were able to win the gold medal at Canada’s championships and the silver at the world championships in the 2007-2008 Canadian season. In 2004, they won the Canadian junior national championship. They won the 2006 ice dance junior world title. They made their international debut on the senior stage during the 2006-2007 skating season.

Virtue and Moir won a silver medal in the 2011 World Championships after they lost to Meryl Davis (and Charlie White). They won their second consecutive global title the next year and also the first of three consecutive Canadian titles. They won silver in ice dancing at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

After the 2018 Winter Olympics, Virtue and Moir, South Korea in September 2019, they retired. They train young people and meet up at events often as friends.


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