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Solutiontales Couples Quiz Can Be Fun If You Know How to Play

Solutiontales Couples Quiz

Solutiontales Couples Quiz

Often, when people have been in a relationship for some time, they tend to believe that they already know the other and they stop being curious, asking, updating themselves. Each one thinks they know what is going on with the partner and in reality they run the risk of distancing themselves, drawing the wrong conclusions and starting to feel alone in the reaction.

Have you ever thought about taking a marriage test together? It might be fun, and if you don’t take it too seriously, it might even make you think. If nothing else, it might be good for a giggle.

However, there are people who take them too seriously and think that a quiz like this could even cure the ills in their marriage.

If two people take the test when they’re feeling more affectionate about each other, they might do pretty well, and if they’re feeling less affectionate about each other, they’ll skew the results negatively. Some questionnaires check compatibility and when two married people fill it out, it’s too late to use the answers on this type of questionnaire!

According to SolutionTales, it is worth taking the quiz with caution and treating it as something entertaining and not something that can seriously help you. When you’re having issues with each other, a test like this can sometimes bring them to the surface, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless one of you isn’t ready to face it yet. If you need a catalyst to ask these questions, a questionnaire can help. It may even put you both on the path to better communication.

How about you give this couples test a try? Dare to spend a fun time with your favorite person while they are at home. SolutionTales.com seems to be one of the best website with lists of questions to strengthen your relationship, they have everything: awkward, intimate, funny questions and much more.

One of the best ways to do the questionnaire is to do it with that special person for you right now and find out how well you know each other. 

Some Of The Categories Of Questions You Might Find Are:


  • cry for anything
  • make more mess
  • Eat pizza any day 
  • Remember an important date
  • I was late for an appointment
  • buy something you don’t need
  • Who is most likely to trip  
  • spend hours on social media
  • Dress smart for no reason
  • see novels
  • make a sarcastic comment
  • kiss at any time
  • Avoid having sex

Couples quizzes can be found in magazines and of course on the internet; just write “couples quiz”. When you’re having relationship problems, a quiz isn’t really the answer. You cannot effectively solve a problem with a questionnaire or other relationship test. You need to get help with counseling, either from a professional or from expert relationship books or courses.

One way that has been proven to help couples who are struggling to communicate effectively is to find a book on how to make up. Most couples want the same things in their relationship but they don’t know how to communicate and a little help pointing them in the right direction to understand that that’s all they need to overcome their current “bump” to overcome in the relationship.

Everyone has “days off,” and relationships and couples are no different. When the bad days outweigh the good days, you really need help. A marriage questionnaire is not an answer to this fact, but it really should only be used for a little fun. In fact, a little fun and laughter in your relationship is a great way to relieve stress and strengthen the bond between you. Take a quiz or watch a great sitcom and let the endorphins of many laughs envelop you. Bring some laughter into your love life and brighten your day no matter how you do it.

Using a couples quiz can make you and your partner laugh and that is all you need or you may need more information about healthy relationships and what to look for in your relationship . Starting today, learn how to quickly bring love and laughter back into your life.

Going through SolutionTale’s website, one can find a whole multitude of couples quiz that they can use to strengthen their relationships.  Apart from couple’s quiz, there are also several quizzes and trivia on their website, make sure to go through them and improve yourself.

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