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Stranger Things Vol 2 Lets Talk About Episode

Stranger Things Vol 2
Stranger Things Vol 2

Netflix will release the second volume in its highly-rated Netflix series Stranger Things Vol 2. This two-parter will be release at midnight on July 1, one month after the original episode’s premiere.

Volume 2 is a wise departure from the series’ team-up format. Instead of keeping each group together, it keeps them separated for a more nuanced battle against Vecna.

This is a refreshing change that helps the series stand out from other shows.

Episode 1 – The Demogorgon

Hawkins was terrified by the Demogorgon. This terrifying nightmarish creature drew comparisons to monsters like Thing and Aliens.

Instead of using CGI effects, the Duffer brothers created a realistic appearance for this slug-like creature.

One of the most remarkable features of the Demogorgon is its ability to travel through dimensions. It could use this ability to create temporary portals or wounds in reality’s fabric.

The Demogorgon was also attract to blood. The Demogorgon was attracted to small pools of blood that were taken from the bodies of other people. These could be use to break through walls.

This attraction was what led Will to be seduce into the Upside Down in Season 1 by the Demogorgon. Its appeal to blood made it a very dangerous threat, but this isn’t the only reason.

This combination is what makes Vecna an intimidating and terrifying villain in Stranger Things Season 4.

He and the Demogorgon could battle it out, which would be a great way to increase their fearsome abilities. It would also allow Season 1’s protagonist Eleven to join the fray.

Episode 2 – The Upside Down

The Hawkins gang are horrified at the devastation Eleven has caused after he sends One/Vecna to the Upside Down.

Vecna was originally a human and was then recruit by Matthew Modine (Brenner) at HNL to become an evil sorcerer.

Eleven was also accuse of murdering the laboratory subjects. Eleven then went to The Upside Down where he became an inhuman monster.

Demogorgons and other creatures call The Upside Down a parallel dimension to ours. It can be deadly and dangerous if you don’t take precautions.

In 1984, Russia began investigating the Upside Down. They invented “the Key”, which opened doors to unlock them.

The Key was a finicky and volatile machine that gave access to the gates of the Upside Down. It was also call “the Key”.

Episode 3 – The Mind Flayer

Mind Flayer is an asymmetrical monster that has tentacled legs and tentacles. It uses a hive mind, just like the Demogorgon or other cross-dimensional creatures from Upside Down, to construct its body from other bodies.

This creature is very similar to John Carpenter’s Thing from 1982. It’s not scary, however.

Stranger Things 3’s Mind Flayer attempts control Will’s mind and body. After Will experiences a chittering vision during trick-or-treating at Loch Nora, this happens.

The Mind Flayer has the ability to use its psychic abilities to control others. The Mind Flayer possessed dozens of people during Season 3.

Heather Holloway was one. She was responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the Steel Works warehouse. But the chemicals made her a host. After she ingested too much cleaning fluid, she became a flayer.

Episode 4 – The Upside Down

The Upside Down is a dark, sinister world with sentient vines and flesh-eating bats. It is also a place of mystery. Nancy and her crew discover the Upside Down in this episode. It’s not just another world, but it’s also strangely connect with Hawkins.

It is also home to Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower), a hive mind. This hive mind may have been created by him in his childhood. It may explain why he is so powerful.

Hawkins could be torn apart by the Upside Down. This is very dangerous. It’s good Vecna didn’t kill Eleven, and Max is still breathing.

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