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Susan Blair: Wife of Lionel Blair – Know Everything About Her


Who is Lionel Blair’s wife Susan Blair? Susan Blair wife of a well known English actor, TV presenter and a great dancer whose name is Lionel Blair, he died at 92. Susan is 75 years old. She was born in 1946 and her birth place is USA. Here we are discussing about Susan and her husband Lionel, their married life, why susan came into news sudden what happened to her? Read the full article to know. Follow chopnews to get updated

Lionel Blair’s wife Susan Blair

susan blair with her husband Lionel Blair

Susan Blair is a former actress who appeared in the 1968 film Salt And Pepper in a minor role.

Blair stated on ITV’s Loose Women that he had snatched his future wife from a friend during a dinner party following a “Cupid’s arrow” incident.

“I stepped in the room and honestly, one glance at her and it hit me,” he added.

“I thought to myself, ‘That’s the girl I’m going to marry,’ and we were married six weeks later.”

Stunning blonde Susan has frequently accompanied him to red carpet events over the years.

Blair, who starred in Give Us A Clue, has been on shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and The Real Marigold Hotel.

When Susan and Lionel got married?

The pair married in London’s Kensington Registry Office on March 21, 1967.

At the time, Lionel was 38 years old and Susan was 21 years old, and they had been married for 54 years.

“The secret of a happy marriage is memories,” Blair once told The Guardian. “That’s why my father insisted that we go everywhere together, so we could talk about things.”

“I’m extremely fortunate to have a nest builder for a wife.” She considers her nest to be the most important thing in the universe.”

They were married till November 4, 2021, when he died.

Do Susan and Lionel have a child together?

The couple had three children, Daniel, Matt, and Lucy, as well as three grandkids, with Blair claiming that his family was the key to his happiness.

“We have a very, very regular family,” Lionel explained, “and for me, everything boils down to family.” I’m sad if they’re sad.

“All of the time, I want them to be happy.”

Lucy, his daughter, has appeared in a few films, including Grange Hill and Absolutely Fabulous.

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