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TB Joshua: Know His Death Cause


TB Joshua

TB Joshua was one of Africa’s most influential evangelists. His predictions, and his claims to be able to heal people from various diseases and help them succeed through miracles were what made him famous.

He founded the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN). Its television channel, Emmanuel TV, has broadcast his ministrations in countries around the world.

He was a prophet

TB Joshua is one of Africa’s most prominent religious leaders. He attracted presidents and senior officials from the government as well as international footballers to his Synagogue Chapel of All Nations. His Emmanuel TV channel gained him a global following.

Despite his charisma, many people doubted his claims of prophecy and miracles. He was accused of using his influence to profit from those looking for hope.

Joshua’s biggest scandal was the collapse of a guesthouse, which killed 116 people. Although he claimed that the plane destroyed the building, he later admitted it was an natural disaster.

He was a popular figure in Nigeria and was revered by politicians in Africa and beyond.

During his funeral, Julius Malema, who is a perennial bad boy of South African politics, and Joyce Banda, former president of Malawi, paid tribute to him.

At his funeral, Evelyn Joshua revealed that her husband had always prayed to God for guidance. She acknowledged two women – one of them deceased – who helped her through their relationship with him.

He had celebrity status

TB Joshua was a charismatic Nigerian prophet who was famous for his prophecy videos. He was also friends with politicians, athletes and celebrities.

He was one of the most popular preachers in Africa and had thousands of followers worldwide. He was a great philanthropist and gave away millions of dollars to the poor.

Many famous people visited him for healing and he has healed them from all sorts of illnesses. Among them are Jim Iyke, Tontoh Dikeh and Munachi Abii.

As a prophet, he was always on the road to preach. He traveled across the continent and also to different parts of the world.

He preached in a very straightforward style. His preaching style was very simple and easy to comprehend. He would even share his aphorisms.

His platform also allowed him to earn a lot. He also gave out scholarships to students from various nations.

He was a controversial figure

Known as the man of God, TB Joshua was a popular and controversial figure who became a celebrity.

He was a charismatic preacher who claimed to have healing powers from God. He also gave his time to charity and was a great philanthropist.

He was frequently criticized throughout his entire career for his endorsement of activities more closely related to magic and paganism than Christianity. For example, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria denounced his claim that he can heal people.

He was also a critic of homosexuality. A guesthouse that belonged to his synagogue church of all nations (SCOAN) collapsed in Lagos on 14 April 2014 killing 116 people. Most of these were South Africans.

Despite this scandal, Joshua continued to preach his message and continue a large philanthropic operation that helped many people in need.

He also toured the world and was very successful in his ministry. He had millions of followers worldwide. His own TV station, Emmanuel TV was even created to show the miracles and programmes of his church.

He died

TB Joshua was a Nigerian preacher who founded the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in 1987. His claims of miraculous healings and belief in prayer for people’s healing were his trademark.

Although he was well-known in Africa, his career was marred by controversy. In 2014, his church collapsed, killing 116 people. His claims of being able to heal illnesses were also questioned.

The death of his wife has caused shock and sadness amongst his family. He was reportedly conducting a church service on Saturday when he suddenly felt unwell.

The SCOAN founder, a 57-year old man with many millions of social media and television followers was one of Africa’s most prominent preachers.

But his YouTube channel was shut down in April over allegations of hate speech against LGBT people.

Despite his controversial reputation, he was a philanthropist who had a large following.

He was a founder of several organizations, including a scholarship program and a football team, that helped support young people.

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