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Top 10 Telugu Comedy Actors and Their Networth


Top 10 Telugu Comedy Actors : Hi, Guys. Today will be sharing some of the exciting information on the Top 10 Best Comedy Actors In Tollywood. Please go on the article and enjoyed reading it.

Best Telugu Comedy Actors List

Telugu Comedy Actors

There are many Comedy Actors in the Tollywood Industry. But these are the Top 10 Comedy Actors in the Tollywood film Industry.

1. Brahmanandam | Telugu Comedy Actors

Brahmanandam pic

This actor is called King of Telugu comedy is none other than Telugu Comedy Actor Brahmanandam. Brahma has been praised for India’s one of the highest honours Padma Shri Award in 2009.

For his excellent contribution to the Indian Cinema. He also holds a Guinness World Record for the highest film credits. Brahma has been a part of over a thousand movies and counting. He is also the only comedian who has a worldwide fan following.

2. Raghu Babu | Telugu Comedy Actors

Raghu Babu photo

Raghu Babu spent his whole life in a comedian family and gives all the credits of comedy skills to his lovable father, Giri Babu. Babu is not only a good comedian and is also a good movie producer.

He is one of the favourites actors in fans, with his natural comedy skills. He is entertaining to watch on the screen.

3. MS Narayan | Telugu Comedy Actors

MS Narayan photo

MS Narayan was one of the best Comedians. Now he is no more amongst us. But he was always doing what gave him the inner satisfaction. That was to make many people laugh in any situation with his comedy.

He could brighten up a dull role. He added humour to any position. Few of the movies were released after he passed away. But the crowd for the film was still outstanding as most people loved to watch him act.

4. Vennela Kishore | Telugu Comedy Actors

Vennela Kishore photo

Vennala Kishore is the youngest comedian in the Tollywood Industry. He has many people with his change of action to turn the brutal scene into a comedy.

Kishore makes people laugh in the most fun way possible. He was also the Nandi Award holder for Best Male Comedian. Kishore’s expressions are heart snatching fun, and unique to watch the audience.

5. Ali | Telugu Comedy Actors

ali photo

He has earned an honorary doctorate from the Academy of Global Peace. He is one of the highly named actors in the comedy role and has acted in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi movies.

This comedian set a mark on each of the industries. This actor is considered one of the best comedians in the South sector.

6. Jayaprakash Reddy | Telugu Comedy Actors

Jayaprakash Reddy pic

Jayaprakash is a famous actor in a comedy and in a Villain role too. He has done a lot of movies. The movies were a mixture of both.

His highly amusing humour has made a lot of people laugh their hearts out. Jayaprakash loves acting. He makes people laugh in the funniest way possible.

7. Prudhvi Raj |Telugu Comedy Actors

Prudhvi Raj photo

Prithviraj is one of the famous comedians in the Tollywood industry and has acted in over a hundred movies. This actor was introduced as an actor in the industry.

He spent over 40 days learning about the industry with the actor Rao Gopala Rao. He spent more than 30 decades acting in comedy roles in Krishna Vamsi’s Industry.

8. Priyadarshi Pulikonda

Priyadarshi photo

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is one of the leading comedians in the Telugu film industry. He began his film career called Terror. The film called Pelli Choopulu was his second film.

He got him a good identity through this film. Pulikonda’s roles in the movies like Arjun Reddy, Spyder, Middle-Class Abbayi, Tholi Prema, and F2 are good.

He had been a comedian and a good supporting actor in the Tollywood industry. His first debut as the lead star in the film called Mallesham.

His character has impressed the audience. This actor had not only acted in Telugu films.

But he had impressed with his roles in the Bollywood and Kollywood industries too. He played in the film called NOTA with young actor Vijay Deverakonda.

The film Spyder with actor Mahesh Babu in the Tamil and The Ghazi Attack in Hindi.

9. Venu Madhav

Venu Madhav pic

Tollywood actor is not only famous for comedy skills but also renowned for his mimicry skills. Venu has worked in different movies with various film industries like Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam.

10. Krishna Bhagavan

Krishna Bhagavan pic

This actor is a famous Writer and an amazing Comedian. He has acted in over 350 movies, from which he mainly served as a comedian. But that does not mean to cannot work. He is best at his comedy. That is what he does and loves to do in all his movies.

So, this is vital information on the topic of Tollywood’s Top 10 Best Comedy Actors. These comedy actors are still ruling the Tollywood industry with their comedy skills.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on the viewpoints.

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