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Texas Tornado: On Tuesday, A Powerful Storm System Hit The Gulf Coast Of The United States

Texas Tornado
Texas Tornado
Texas Tornado
Texas Tornado

On Tuesday, a powerful storm system hit the Gulf Coast of the United States, producing a Texas Tornado that caused significant damage east of Houston, Texas – its fourth-most populous city

On Tuesday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a tornado alert for that area; warning of an “extremely hazardous and potentially deadly tornado” that was on its way toward Baytown, Texas – 40km (25 miles) east of Houston. Fortunately, this warning was quickly lifted as the storm system moved away to the east

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Seven people are dead in the US South due to severe rain and tornadoes that hit on Wednesday, August 11

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  • An ‘Extremely Dangerous’ tornado tears across the US South as storms hit
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  • US prepares for tornadoes and blizzards as winter storm heads east

At the end of the list, there were downed power lines and damage to homes and businesses in Baytown but no reports of serious injuries, according to city spokesperson Jason Calder

A Tornado Watch has been issued for parts of southeastern Texas. The severe weather threat will move eastward through the afternoon with increasing wind and tornado potential

Footage from Houston TV station KTRK demonstrated extensive damage to buildings and power lines in Pasadena, Texas – including doors knocked off a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership

Numerous businesses suffered significant losses as well, such as the city’s animal shelter. Nearby fences were laid over, and shingles and sections of roofs were torn from homes; however, there were no immediate reports of injuries.

Shell Chemicals at Deer Park was reported to be flaring, or burning off natural gas due to severe weather, according to Shell spokesperson Curtis Smith

“We are taking steps to minimize any noise, light, or smoke associated with this activity,” Smith stated via email. “There is no threat to the community nor are there any indications a nearby tornado touched down within the Chemicals facility”

PowerOutage.us, which collects real-time power outage data from utilities across the US, reported on Tuesday afternoon that approximately 123,000 Texas customers were without electricity – mostly in Houston and its surrounding counties

On Tuesday morning, the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma warned of stormy conditions along the US Gulf Coast. Areas from Houston to northwestern Florida could experience tornadoes, strong winds, and hail

The storm system also brought snow and ice to parts of the central US

On Tuesday and Wednesday throughout Oklahoma, schools and businesses were closed due to snowfall totals ranging from 3-15cm (1-6 inches) in central and eastern parts of the state

Furthermore, several school districts in southwest Louisiana dismissed students early on Tuesday due to the severe weather forecasts for that area

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