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The Best online coding courses you got to know!


The Best online coding courses you got to know!: For the year 2019, Software development lands as the hottest career choice for students. Knowing the art of programming helps you in getting the biggest advantage over the others. Presently, there is an ample number of in-demand computer programming jobs, and a sufficient number of online programming courses to help you land one of those jobs. We have created a list of websites from where you can learn the best online coding courses. Master the art of coding and give your career an all-time boost with these courses.

The Best online coding courses you got to know! 

  1. QUICK CODE: Quick code is an online platform that has some amazing free online courses related to programming and development. It is home to some of the best coding courses in india. Quick code creates and adds new free courses every day. It is a place for free courses on web development, mobile development, big data, machine learning, database, data science, chatbot, cryptocurrency, and more.
  1. UDEMY: Udemy has thousands of free online courses related to programming and development. Udemy lies amongst the top 3 leading websites for teaching and learning, connecting students everywhere to the world’s best coding courses online. Students can learn to code or create websites from scratch with online courses offered by Udemy. The top courses include web development, IOS mobile apps, android to game development, and many more.
  1. SKILLSHARE: Skillshare is an online learning platform that has thousands of classes related to design, business, tech, and more. Anyone can join the millions of members in the community for learning excellent skills, networking with companions, and discovering new opportunities. The purpose of Skillshare is to make the new economy an open market where the skills and expertise that are needed to succeed are available for anyone willing to learn.
  1. edX: Students can take free online computer programming courses to build their skillset and advance their careers through edX. The students have access to learn these courses from the top universities and institutions around the world. The mission of edX is to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere, and to enhance teaching and learning on campus as well as online through research.
  1. COURSERA: All the courses on Coursera are taught by the best instructors from the world’s top universities and educational institutions. The courses offered by Coursera include recorded video lectures, auto-graded assignments, and community discussion forums. When a student completes a course on Coursera, the students receive a sharable electronic Course Certificate. Coursera also has a variety of high ranked coding courses that lie under the category of the best online coding courses.
  1. CODE ACADEMY: Codeacademy is one of the most famous free places to learn to code online. More than 45 million people have successfully learned to code through CodeAcademy. A student can dive right in and take courses that will teach them everything from HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and SQL to Bash/Shell, Python, Ruby, and C++.
  1. GITHUB: At GitHub, over millions of developers collaborate to evaluate code, manage projects, and develop software collectively. Many programming languages are used at GitHub, and a coding camp teaches the basics to the students.
  1. CODING NINJAS: Coding Ninjas have the most up-to-date programming technologies. They have a dynamic curriculum designed and refined by a team of seasoned software developers and tech executives. They are said to be the market leaders for providing the best online coding courses. They have a wide range of courses, which range from programming, web development, machine learning to Python, C++, and Java. Students can enrol themselves in the course of their choice and learn from the best teachers.

These are some of the best online coding courses that can help an individual to grasp everything related to coding. By learning these courses, an individual can enhance his or her career to a great extent.