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The Good Boss: Trailer, Cast, Release date, Review & Awards

the good boss
the good boss

Javier Bardem stars as a boss in “The Good Boss,” a tragicomic saga about a worn-out labor ecosystem.

He makes a rousing speech in the film, proclaiming that his employees are his family.

Of course, this is all show, and his speech is designed to secure the regional government award for “business excellence”.

Here in this article, we have discussed The Good Boss movie, trailer, plot, cast, release date, and review.

the good boss
the good boss

The Good Boss trailer

The Good Boss is a biopic about an ambitious man determined to bring about change in his workplace. Javier Bardem stars as the title character and showcases his exceptional acting talent.

The Good Boss awards

This film has 20 nominations at the 2022 Goya awards, winning best film, best director, best actor, and original screenplay.

It will be shown at the 94th Academy Awards.
It premiered at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain in 2021 and will be available to watch in select theaters across America starting August 26.

The Good Boss is a Spanish comedy film directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa and starring Javier Bardem.

This film is a satire of corporate culture, and Javier Bardem makes an excellent lead.

The film follows Julio Blanco, a charismatic and manipulative boss at a family-run manufacturing company.

He strives to push his employees to their maximum potential to win an award for business excellence.

The Good Boss plot

The satire in “The Good Boss” is a tour de force. It’s a delirious trip through an era when life seems too sad, too chaotic, and too intense.

Despite this, the film’s witty characters and dazzling visuals are still enough to make the experience worthwhile. In the end, “The Good Boss” will be a welcome change from the norm.

This film’s plot is a bit convoluted and complicated, though it does manage to keep the story moving smoothly.

While it comes off as a busy farce, it’s not without its recurring characters and its age-old moral that power can’t be trusted.

Blanco’s battles are against the changing world of the industrial world, which is increasingly populated by foreigners, women, and immigrants.

The Good Boss cast

The Good Boss cast is one of the most impressive in the film’s history.

Its director, Fernando Leon de Aranoa, aims to create a tragi-comic tale of an overworked labor ecosystem, and Javier Bardem, a star of Sunday’s matinee, is a masterful choice to play the titular character, who claims to treat his employees like family.

But his speech is all show, designed to land him an award from the regional government for “business excellence.”

Julio Blanco is the boss of an industrial scale company in Spain. He has a single mission: to make the company look good and solve all the problems of his workers.

But despite his blustery approach, he eventually crosses every line and proves to be a ruthless leader, whose blustery smile is quickly revealing his ruthlessness and lack of principles.

However, his efforts to make the company look good are ultimately futile, and the cast delivers a delightful performance as a whole.

The Good Boss release date

The film released on October 15, 2021. However, you may have to wait a few months until then in order to watch The Good Boss as there are 16 other films due out simultaneously.
The Good Boss is an intense dark comedy that promises both laughter and tears in one package.

“The Good Boss” is a Spanish comedy directed by Fernando Leon de Aranoa. Javier Bardem stars in the film, which has won several awards. The plot of this film is somewhat convoluted and complex, but it manages to keep the narrative moving smoothly.

It is set in a corporate setting and follows a man whose success is threatened by his inability to control his employees.

The Good Boss review

The Good Boss is a mediocre comedy about a good boss who has to deal with his workers’ problems.

While it has some great scenes, it is also filled with cliches and feels overly busy.

Though there are still some questions left unsettled and it may require me to suspend my disbelief, the overall message is positive.

In addition, it deals with the age-old moral that power corrupts. Blanco’s struggles are framed against a world that is changing.

He faces immigrants, he gets a new employee, and he has to contend with women.

As the film progresses, it shifts from a workplace comedy to a broad-based farce.

It’s too long and lacks in an elastic snap. It’s too dense with subplots to pick up the pace at critical moments, and it’s too broad to make any sort of impact.

Ultimately, “The Good Boss” may not be an excellent comedy, but it does possess some redeeming qualities.


Q. Where is the good boss filmed?

Ans. The Good boss was filmed in Madrid, Spain.

Q. How long is the good boss?

Ans. The duration of the movie is 2 hours.

Q. What are the qualities of a good boss?

Ans. Here are some qualities:

  • Communicates clear vision.
  • Sets performance expectations.
  • Provides feedback.
  • Supportive.
  • Recognize efforts.
  • Gets to know employees.
  • Makes work fun.
  • Decisive.

Q. Is the good boss a comedy?

Ans. The Spanish director Fernando Léon de Aranoa’s workplace comedy-satire has been a major hit in his native country.

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