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The Murder Mystery of Kristin Smart[Read Article]

Kristin Smart Murder

The Murder Mystery of Kristin Smart: A 19-year-old college freshman in California, is a baffling case. In a mysterious case, the victim, a woman named Kristin Smart, was abducted, raped, and murdered. How did this happen? There are many theories as to why she was killed. The truth, however, may never be fully known. The murders are a tragedy for all concerned.

The Murder Mystery of Kristin Smart[Read Article]

Kristin Smart Murder

1. Paul Flores: Kristin Smart Murder Suspect

The night before the kiss, Kristin Smart and Paul Flores was having dinner on Crandall Way. They had been drinking with friends. At one point, Smart was choking and struggling to walk.

Toomey and Sanger, who were at the party, noticed the two were talking incoherently and urged them to stop. However, Smart refused to stop and instead requested help from her friend Paul Flores.

The campus police did not arrest until four days after the incident. They assumed Kristin was playing around with friends and ignored their concerns. The campus police did not focus on Paul Flores immediately.

They only interviewed him six days later. Police never sealed the dorm room. Despite the evidence, the police were very cautious and did not search the room. However, they continued to monitor Kristin’s phone for months.

2. Ruben Flores: Kristin Smart Murder Suspect

A blood trace found beneath a California property owned by Ruben Flores and his son, Paul, may have been the clue in hiding the body of Kristin Smart. The investigation has a long history.

In 1996, Smart went missing during Memorial Day weekend after leaving an off-campus party with Flores. He was initially considered a lone suspect until April 13, 2021, when his father, Ruben Flores, was arrested.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on Ruben Flores’ home, where forensic evidence connected to Kristin Smart’s death was found. Paul Flores’ father, Ruben Flores, will also stand trial as an accomplice.

On April 13, 2021, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen ruled that there was probable cause that Paul Flores killed Smart and dug up human blood in the dirt.

3. Matt Manzer: Kristin Smart Murder Suspect

A drunken night in the dorms of a major university sparked a relationship between college students Kristin Smart and Matt Manzer. The two were attending a party when one of them missed the time trial due to the flu.

After the night was over, Smart retreated to a nearby house to spend the night. The next morning, Smart and her friend were walking to the dorms together, when Smart allegedly became “definitely intoxicated” and had trouble standing or walking.

Despite this sex-based relationship, the two still maintained contact. Smart, the daughter of a former professor at Cal Poly, has held several jobs since Kristin disappeared. The couple is now being investigated for homicide.

However, the police have no clue as to why Smart is in hiding. Despite his many jobs, the couple is still unaccounted for. They are currently living in separate apartments.

Paul Flores Defence on Kristin Smart Murder Case

On the day of her murder trial, Flores’ defense team called for a new DNA test. The new DNA test could help determine whether Flores murdered his friend, Kristin Smart, or both. The trial is expected to last several days.

In the interim, the Smart family filed a $40 million lawsuit against Paul Flores and the University of Florida. They served 40 search warrants and gathered 200 new items of evidence.

They used modern DNA techniques to test their evidence. The evidence filled three terabytes of a computer hard drive.

The case has been a long-running one. Amy Smart disappeared in May 1996, and she was last seen walking back to her dorm with Paul Flores. After the party, Smart had not returned to campus, and her disappearance has captivated the community.

On April 13, 2021, Paul Flores and Ruben Flores were arrested. On the same day, the District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against the Flores, and a Superior Court Judge found sufficient evidence to proceed with the trial.

Kristin Smart’s Family And Friends

As his friend Kristin Smart’s case moves through the legal system, her family and friends have been calling for the public’s help. However, it’s not all good news. The case has been plagued with accusations of sexual assault.

The District Attorney’s office has also been investigating Flores’ case for years. While the public and the police were largely silent, the defense has released numerous documents.

The prosecution and defense attorneys for Paul and Ruben Flores are disputing the facts. Paul Flores has claimed he was acting in self-defense, but his father, Ruben Flores, has denied any involvement in the killing.

While denying that his son killed his friend, his defense attorney has insisted there was no evidence that Paul Flores had done it. However, a judge has found probable cause in Paul Flores’ death, which is a lower standard of proof than that required in a jury trial.

Paul Flores’ Was Dorm-Mate Of Kristin Smart

It’s hard to believe that Paul Flores was the killer of his dorm-mate, Kristin Smart. The two were best friends, but Flores and Smart may have had other reasons for not returning home after the party.

Several other potential suspects may have had conflicts with Smart, but only Flores is accused of murder. The case is still ongoing, but there is some hope for the Smart family.

One of the most interesting aspects of Flores’ murder case is that the dorm-mate is his only friend. This may not have been the case with Kristin Smart. Her death may have been partially accidental, but it changed Flores’ life forever.

He worked at a temp agency until September 2016. The Zentis Company, which puts flavorings in Yoplait Yogurt, fired him following the Sheriff’s press conference.

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