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The Top 5 Special Forces in Indian Military


The Top 5 Special Forces in Indian Military: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Five Special Forces in the Indian Military. Soon after the Second World War, the need for the highly trained soldiers was realized and thus, the Special Forces were born. While thanks to the Hollywood, because most of us happen to know about the American Marines, Navy Seal and the other American Special Forces that are, it is a shame we hardly know about the most of our own Indian Special Forces. Here is a The Top Five of the Indian Special Forces in the Indian Military that rank amongst the best in the world.

The Top 5 Special Forces in Indian Military


The MARCOS or Marine Commandos is the India’s most lethal special force. Though they are trained to engage in the battle on all terrains, the MARCOS commandos are super-experts in the maritime warfare. The physical test to join MARCOS is so gruesome that the more than 80 percent of the applicants drop out in the first, the three-day long, physical fitness and with the aptitude test.

Those who are successfully complete the test is subjected to a five-week-long process namely the ‘hell’s week’ where the commandos are put through the extreme sleep deprivation coupled with the most difficult physical tasks. These commandos are even capable of the firing while lying down, standing, running full-sprint, even backwards and looking into a mirror, with a reaction time of around 0.27 seconds.

2. Para CommandosPara Commandos

The Para commandos is one of the most highly trained special forces of the Indian Army. Because of the extremely fatal nature of the operations they perform, they are kept at the optimum level of operational efficiency and the physical fitness, and also only the most physically fit, mentally robust, intelligent, and the highly motivated soldiers are inducted in the fleet. The Para commandos which are go through the most grueling commando training regimes in the world, apart from the daily 20km runs with 60km baggage and man-to-man assault practices; they even have to free fall from the belligerent heights of as much as the 33,500 feet.

They are also highly trained in the terrain and environment warfare and in the deep-sea diving. Their most notable and fatal operations included in the year 1971 war with Pakistan, in the year 1999, Kargil war and the infamous Operation Bluestar in the year of 1984.

3. Ghatak ForceGhatak Force

The Ghatak force is a special operations infantry platoon that acts as a shock troops and it is lead man-to-man assaults ahead of a battalion. They specialize in the raids on the enemy artillery positions, airfields, supply dumps and the tactical headquarters while also being experts at the directing artillery and air attacks on the targets deep within the enemy lines. Only the most physically and the mentally fit soldiers make it into the Ghatak force which is usually the 20-men strong. Since they are face the enemy face-to-face, and they are trained to be undisputed at the heliborne assault, rock climbing, mountain warfare, demolitions, advanced weapons training, close quarter battle and in the infantry tactics.

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These Personnel attend training at the Commando Training Course in the Belgaum, Karnataka. As a part of the training, these soldiers are evaluated through speed marches in the battle gear ranging from 20 to 60 km, carrying their rifles and the 20 kg of weight in their rucksacks. Some of the operators are sent to the High-Altitude Warfare School and in the Counterinsurgency and Jungle Warfare School as well. However, the most of them are not parachute qualified. It is mandatory for all the infantry officers to pass the Commando Training Course.

4. National Security Guard or Black CatsNational Security Guard or Black Cats

It is Created in the year of 1986, the National Security Guard or the Black Cats fall neither under the Central Armed Police Forces nor under the Paramilitary Forces of India. It is instead a mix of the commandos from both the Indian Army and the Central Armed Police Forces which is led by a ‘Director General’ from the Indian Police Service.  Comprising of two units – the Special Action Group namely the SAG, which consists the entirely of the Indian Army personnel; and the Special Ranger Groups namely the SRG for counter the terrorism activities, the National Security Guard is equipped with some of the most advanced weapons in the world.

The selection process is so brutal that it has a dropout rate of around the 70 to 80 percent. And the few, who is qualify to become the National Security Guards, and they are sent off to the train for another 9 months to become the Phantom National Security Guard Commandos.

5. Special Frontier ForceSpecial Frontier Force

This Special Frontier Force is created on the year of 14th November 1962, the Special Frontier Force is a paramilitary special force which is specializes in the special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, unconventional warfare and covert operations. This specialized force was created in the wake of another Sino-Indian war and it is operating in the sync with the RAW that is Research and Analysis Wing. These commandos are supremely trained in the guerrilla tactics, mountain and jungle warfare, and in the parachute jumps.

These Commandos are based in the Chakrata, Uttarakhand, this force was put under the direct supervision of the Intelligence Bureau, and later, the Research and Analysis Wing, this is India’s external intelligence agency. The Special Frontier Force made its home base at the Chakrata, 100 km from the city of the Dehra Dun. The Chakrata was home to the large Tibetan refugee population and also was a mountain town in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is starting with a force of around the 12,000 men, the Special Frontier Force is commenced for six months of the training in rock climbing and guerrilla warfare.

This Intelligence agencies from India and the US also helped in raising the force; namely the CIA & RAW. The Special Frontier Force’s weapons were all provided by the US and it is consisted mainly of the M-1, M-2 and the M-3 machine guns. The Heavy weapons were not provided.

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So, these are The Top Five Forces in the Indian Military to save our India from the Harmful Terrorists and they are expertise in showing their courage and also putting their hard work to save our country. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.