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Wagatha Christie Trial went from High Court to West End


This is the definitive guide to Wagatha’s Christie trial. This article will give you all the details about what actually happened and who took the stand. It even includes the words of the judge. You’ll get a unique look into fashion and legal systems, as well as the courtroom.

What is the Wagatha Christie trial?

Wagatha Christie Trial

The Wagatha Christie trial, a high profile libel suit involving the wives of two English soccer stars, has captured the nation’s attention.

Its title is a portmanteau from the acronym WAG (a term used by British women football players).

Rebekah Vardy – the wife and former striker for England and Manchester United – is currently suing Coleen Rooney, her ex-girlfriend, for libel. Rooney accused Vardy, who she claims leaked her private Instagram posts to media outlets. This has led to serious reputational damage.

Vardy’s lawyers say Vardy never leaked the stories. She says she hired forensic computer experts to prove she had not. However, the High Court of Justice Queen’s Bench Division has ruled in Rooney’s favour and found that the claims were false.

Rebekah Vady’s libel suit against Coleen Reooney

The case between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney has become the subject of media frenzy. Both stars have been married to famous footballers for many years and are tabloid favorites.

The case wasn’t as straightforward as people would like you to believe.

Coleen Rooney sued Rebekah Vady for libel. She publicly accused Vardy of publishing private Instagram messages. Vardy claimed that she had made false claims about her and the two stars’ relationship with their teammates.

This case started three years ago. Vardy, Rooney and others attempted to end the dispute at first.

Their efforts to resolve the dispute were unsuccessful. Vardy eventually decided to appeal to the highest court.

Vardy was ultimately found innocent. She and her legal team face millions of pounds in legal bills. They also suffered damage to their reputations.

Rebekah Vardy’s cross-examination

The wife of former England striker Jamie Vardy took the stand in the Wagatha Christie High Court in London for the final day of her libel trial against Coleen Rooney.

Rebekah is accused of sharing stories from her Instagram account about the wife a well-known footballer.

Rebekah discussed the emotional effects of cross-examination during the trial. Rebekah said that she felt bullied, manipulated, and victimized by cross-examination.

During her trial, she revealed that Steve Clarke’s drunk driving had also affected her.

The judge also ruled that Rebekah Vardy was guilty of publicity-seeking behaviour. He made scathing observations about the way she handled herself.

In particular, he referred to her ‘favourite’ story about a well-known footballer.

Mrs Vardy denied that she gave the story to Coleen. She claimed that the woman she spoke to was an agent. She also claimed that the couple had a long-standing relationship.

The most sombre WhatsApp messages

Wagatha Christie is a landmark in British high-court litigation. This multi-million pound case has become an open book for the public to scrutinise.

A BBC podcast has been made about it. It explains how one young lady ended up in this sticky situation. There are a lot of texts, some of which were sleazy, that have been made public.

Rebekah Vardy, the wife of Leceister City striker Jamie, has been battling it out with her former spouse.

For years the two women have been engaged in an intense battle of the exes, with Rebekah bearing the brunt.

Rebekah said that her ex husband had published slanderous details regarding their divorce, which made their marriage irreparable.

Fashion decisions

You’ve likely heard of Rebekah Vardy or Wagatha Christie if you love British football. They are both wives of well-known players.

And both are now embroiled in a vicious libel case. Here are some highlights of the case as it goes to trial.

The trial began May 10 at the London High Court. A BBC reporter was sent to cover the proceedings.

Many members of the public snapped pictures of Vardy and Rooney on their way in and out of the courtroom.

Others opted to watch via live blogs. Others brought snacks and even popcorn.

BBC’s “Vardy V Rooney: The Wagatha Christi Trial” podcast has been launched and will be continuing to cover the trial. Liv Hennessy has written this story.

Laura Dos Santos plays the role of prosecutor and Peter Andre is the defendant. A cast of actors also serves as witnesses.