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Tips to Create New Bookmarks on a Mac


Bookmarks on a Mac

Tips to Create New Bookmarks on a Mac: Bookmarking is a not-so-secret approach to visiting websites in a click without having to go through a lengthy process of imputing and searching pages. Bookmarks will come in handy to make your work easier, whether you want to save a site to stream football or watch videos later, or you want to attend online lessons after a long day at work,

Creating bookmarks on your Mac shouldn’t be difficult because following these simple steps will allow establishing a list of sites you can reach quickly regardless of the browser you are using. Here are some pointers on how to make new bookmarks on your Mac.

Using Safari to Make Bookmarks

You can improve your Safari browsing experience if you know how to build bookmarks of your favourites and regularly visited websites. You can make as many bookmarks as you want, but this can quickly become overwhelming. With a bookmark manager, you can create favourites to easily access frequently visited suites.

On Safari browser, navigate the website you add to bookmarks by selecting the + button on the address bar on the left side of the web address to bookmark a single page. If you want to bookmark several tabs at once, click the bookmarks menu and click Add Bookmarks for These Tabs option.

You can also add a bookmark on the smart search field by moving the pointer over the smart search field, clicking the one-step Add Button on the left end of the field, and choosing the bookmark folder. Find the bookmark on the sidebar.

On Mac Chrome

It is also pretty easy to set up bookmarks on Google Chrome to make it easier for you to remember your favourite and frequently visited websites. On Chrome, you can sync to add bookmarks on all your devices.

To create bookmarks on Chrome, on the Mac, open the Google Chrome browser log into your account. Search for the websites you are interested in and want to visit more frequently by clicking the Star icon on the right side of the address bar. It’s pretty straightforward because there is no need to search for the bookmark icon.

Firefox Browser

Firefox bookmarks toolbar also gives you an option to access frequently visited websites so that you save on time. On your Mac, simply open the Firefox browser and look for the bookmarks tab, which is in the new tab page by default. You can also opt to hide or show the bookmarks on all pages.

To enable bookmark on your favourite site, go to the bookmarks toolbar, select the Always Show settings and select Done. You may also select never show or On Show on New Tab and click done.

Opera Browser

Opera is also a popular browser you can use to create bookmarks on your Mac. To create a bookmark on Mac, simply enable the bookmark bar and select the view tap.

On the View, tab selects the show bookmarks bar. While browsing a webpage you want to save as a bookmark, simply select the +button that is located on the left side of the bar. The next step is to give the bookmark a title or name, then click save. The bookmark bar adds a list of sites on a bar that you can easily access when you want to save certain pages later without necessarily searching for them again.

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, Bookmarks are normally referred to as favourites, so don’t get puzzled when you don’t find bookmarks. It’s pretty straightforward to create bookmarks of your favourite websites on this browser. Follow these simple steps.

On your Mac finder, search for Microsoft Edge and by clicking the address bar found at the top of the Window. Still, at the address bar, type the title of the website you want to search and mark it as a favourite. To find the mark of the site as a favourite on Microsoft Edge, on the right side of the address bar, you will see the favourite star and click to create your bookmark.

Creating bookmarks on PDF

Preview on Mac has some cool features that can enhance work on PDF documents. To make your work easier, simply bookmark them by following this simple tip.

On your Mac, open the preview app to select the PDF file you want to bookmark for future ease of reference. To create a bookmark, just click Tools, and select Add Bookmark located on the menu bar. When you add a bookmark, you will see the nifty red marker on the page you have bookmarked.


Web browsers compatible with Mac allow you to create bookmarks and favourites of the websites you are interested in. Most of these browsers come with already installed bookmarks like social media, popular news websites, or shopping stores. You can bookmark as many pages as you want following the above simple steps.