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Top 5 Agricultural University in India


Top 5 Agricultural University in India: Hello Everyone today I am going to share some interesting views on the Top Five Agricultural University in India. there has been seen a Huge amount of growth in the field of education. India is also one of the most famous countries, among the resident and Foreign delegates students to pursue education in different fields. India also has a large number of colleges and universities in the field of agriculture. Here are some of these Agricultural Universities.

Top 5 Agricultural University in India

1. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), School of Agriculture (SOA), New Delhi

Agricultural University in India

The School of Agriculture, established in January 2005 at IGNOU, strives for a flagship role in turning the Unemployed rural youth to be the first-rate agricultural entrepreneurs and Business Managers of Agriculture of tomorrow. The effects of Education in Agriculture through long distance mode will soon be seen in the development of new form of entrepreneurs, increased employment opportunities, higher earnings and better work environment.

This will help to change the poverty alleviation and Security of livelihood and productivity to change the quality of life, especially in the rural areas. SOA has been giving importance on academic and extension activities in agriculture at the national and international level. Its Mission to improve and sustain the quality of human life and productivity of Agriculture in the coming future generations too. With different business sectors through open and Distance Learning to extend the level of agriculture education

2. Punjab Agricultural University, College of Agricultural Engineering & Technology, Ludhiana

Agricultural University in India

Punjab Agricultural University was established in 1962. In 2006, the College of Veterinary Science was successfully changed to become Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Science University (GADVASU) at Ludhiana.

The Punjab Agricultural University has played a vital role in increasing the food grain Productivity in the state of Punjab in India. It has made tremendous contributions in increasing livestock and poultry production. In recognition of its outstanding achievements and progression in agricultural research, it was proved the Best Agricultural University in India in 1995.

The Punjab Agricultural University has now four constituent colleges namely – College of Agriculture, College of Agricultural Engineering, College of Home science and College of Basic Sciences & Humanities.

3. Agriculture University, Jodhpur

Agricultural University in India

Agriculture University, Jodhpur was established on 14th September, 2013 by the Government of Rajasthan under Agriculture University. The university has one institute of diploma and 3 colleges to produce highly challengeable educated human resources in agriculture and allied sciences besides two agricultural research stations. The most important part in tri-pillar namely Teaching, Research & Extension of agricultural development. The different units of teaching, research and extension of these research are coordinating systematically.

4. Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi

Agricultural University in India

Birsa Agricultural University was established on 26th June,1981 after its formal inauguration started by the earliest Prime Minister of India, Late Smt. Indira Gandhi. The University’s primary objective is to develop area particular technologies and manpower in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry for the agricultural development of the Bihar. The Economic crisis of the tribal and other backward class population of the region. The different Programmes has been providing to the students to upgrade their level of education in the field of Agriculture Education. Its an completely residential university, including the facilities of hostels for boys and girls. Residential facilities for Teachers/Scientists and supporting staff have been providing in the campus.

5. Agricultural College, Tirupati

Agricultural University in India

The S.V Agricultural College was established in 27-10-1961. The journey of its history reveals to be much older institution. In fact, today this very farm constitutes the Main Research Station of the university. Such a wonder and tribute to the visionaries who stand this Institute as today.

The main goal of this Institute is to train human resource that needed for agricultural sector for the development of the state of Andhra Pradesh for the education. Constantly increase in Agricultural sectors to provide more education on it.

These are the main views on the education in agriculture university in India. If any Queries or Question please feel free to comment your view points.