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Top 5 Cyclists from India who are Ready to Won Rio 2018 Olympics

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Top 5 Cyclists from India who are Ready to Won Rio 2018 Olympics: Cycling in India has been a part of other games. Whether it is a poor man’s transport for work and medical activity for the old’ to evolving into a competitive and professional sport in the country. The Cycling Federation of India (CFI) is a pioneer in the promotion of cycling in India and directs, develops, regulates cycling under all forms in the country.

Top 5 Cyclists from India who are Ready to Won Rio 2018 Olympics

Indian Cycling now has a very strong competitive country striving to be the best. The right support and encouragement from the government can put India more and wider on to the world stage.

Here I am going to share some of the best top 5 indian cyclists who shine with their profession in the national and international level.

1. Bikram Singh

Rio 2018 Olympics

Bikram Singh Born on Feb 3rd, 1985, a 30 year old cyclist from Imphal has made India proud, thanks to his achievements in track cycling. He played football till state level before he took to cycling.

The 5th National Games, which were held in Manipur in Feb 1999, helped in overcoming the visibility of the sport in the state and he became familiar and famous among the youth. From the beginning, he always wanted to be a national champion and compete at an international level, and for this he chose an individual sport like cycling and worked very hard for it.

He always had the strength and support of his family. In December 2000, His first participation in the first National championship in Trivandrum, in the U-16 age category. His first job was in Indian Railways in 2008,Then he moved to BSNL in Dimapur Nagaland and worked as a Sports Assistant. He is currently pursuing a diploma in Sports coaching at NSNIS in Patiala, Punjab. He has won 30 Gold medals, 15 Silver and 16 Bronze till now including the international achievements.

2. Amrit Singh

Rio 2018 Olympics

Amrit Singh Born on Oct 01, 1991  a 23-year old from Patiala, Punjab, is a sensation in Indian Cycling. He was one of the members of the Indian Squad who qualified to represent India for the first time in World Track Cycling Championship held in Australia in 2012.

He started cycling since when he was 8 years old and developed his interest towards the sport, while watching the cyclists training every day at the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala (NSNIS), which was at a few miles away from his house. His first participation in the National Championship was at U-12 age category in 2004.

Two years later in 2006, Amrit’s father passed away and as the only child, the responsibility of his family rested upon his shoulders. He works with Railways and takes care of his mother. With his hard work, he has won 34 gold, 11 silver and 3 bronze National and continental medals till now. He is coached by Rajinder Kumar Sharma.

3. Sreedhar Savanur

Rio 2018 Olympics

Sreedhar Savanur, Born on July 7, 1994, a 20-year old from Karnataka is one of India’s leading road racing cyclist and He has been a road racing champion for the past three years. He has been a recipient of the Eklavya award in the year 2013, the highest recognition Karnataka State Government confers for a sports person and prestigious KOA award.

Earlier He used to works with the Railways in Traffic department and his family lives in Jamkhandi, North Karnataka, and practice the work of farming. He represents his  team Wheel Sports at various national level events. In the U-16 category, he has won nine gold, five silver and six bronze medals.

4. Deborah Herold

Rio 2018 Olympics

Deborah Born on Feb 18th, 1995, a 20-year old Amazing girl from Andaman & Nicobar Islands has made her passion for herself in bicycle racing in India and also at an international level with her strong determination and dedication.

In the destructive tsunami that hit Port Blair in 2004, When she was 9 year old to spend an entire day on a tree to save herself; when her entire family got displaced due to the natural calamity. From that moment, her story of struggle was started and there was no looking back after this.

She re-built her life with that hard circumstances and with her hard work and the training she got in Sports Authority of India (SAI) center in Andaman, Now Deborah emerged as one of the rising and one of the most popular stars of Indian cycling.

5. Rameshwori Devi

Rio 2018 Olympics

Rameshwori Devi, a 38-year old cyclist from Manipur has won 102 medals altogether, including with her 100th medal as Gold in international achievements. She is also a multiple national record holder. Devi started cycling in 1995 and she has been garnering medals since then. She chanced upon cycling, after trying her hand in cricket, basketball and triathlons.

Now,She is a mother of two kids and works as a CID Inspector. She took break from cycling for a span of 3 years spending her time in maternal duties and Once again she jumped back on the saddle proving her mettel by beating the pre-race favorite Deborah in the women’s sprint event at the National Games in Kerala in 2015, clinching her 100th medal.

She has won 56 Golds and 15 Silver in National Meets and five gold and two silver in the international meets till now.

These are all the shining stars of the Rio Olympics 2018, who shine with the cycling. I hope you all enjoying these top 5 cyclists story.