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Top 5 Most Famous Court Cases in India


Top 5 Most Famous Court Cases in India: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Most Famous Court Cases in India. The India has witnessed a number of the interesting court cases, all these different cases from each other; yet it has one or another thing in common.

The cases mentioned in this article bring forth and the highlight the drawbacks and loopholes in our system or maybe, in our constitution. From a case of the identity to that of corruption, you will explore the all kinds of court cases which are interesting and the thought provoking too. The Top Most Famous Court Cases in India are.

Top 5 Most Famous Court Cases in India

1. Chandrashekhar Prasad Murder Case

Most Famous Court Cases in India

The Prasad was seen as a youth icon, when he started his career in the politics with the Communist Part of the India Liberation. He was the student leader of the student union of Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was passionate to change the politics scenario in India.But Prasad was shot dead on the year of 31st March, 1997, in the Siwan district of Bihar, when he was addressing a rally held by his party. The Three sharpshooters, who employed by the strong politicians, were convicted and also sentenced to life imprisonment after the 15-year-long case hearing.

2. Jessica Lal Murder Case

Most Famous Court Cases in India

This is thehigh-profile murder case occurred in the wee hours of the year 30th of April, 1999. This is a34-year-old, Delhi-based model, Jessica was shot dead just over a bottle of liquor. The Jessica was working as a celebrity barmaid in a socialite party at a bar in the Mehrauli, New Delhi. Approximately at the time of 1:30 am, the Manu Sharma, son of Venod Sharma, an influential leader of the Congress party, who approached Jessica and demanded for a bottle of liquor.

Jessica sternly said no to their demand and reminded them of the rules of the court of not selling the liquor after 12:30 am. The Arguments between Manu and the Jessica continued for half an hour. During this time, the Manu even offered a 1000 rupee note, which Jessica denied. The Furious Manu took out his pistol and fired the two shots consecutively. One shot hit the ceiling and the another shot hit Jessica in head. This incident led to her instant death. After the many consecutive hearings, Sharma was sentenced to the life imprisonment on the year of 20th of December, 2006.

3. Ayodhya Case

Most Famous Court Cases in India

This is one of the case that has a strong political, historical and the religious roots. The Main issue revolves around a piece of the land in Ayodhya, the birth place of the Lord Rama. On the year of 6th December 1992, some of the violent Hindu activists demolished the Babri Mosque which is thought to be located at the same place where the Lord Rama was born and where a Ram Temple was already existed. The act of destroying the Mosque led to the violent riots. Consequently, a case related to the entitlement of the land was lodged in the Allahabad court.

This case got more and more controversial with the time and the judgment which came after the 18 years. The judgment was totally unexpected and it took care of the religious sentiments of both the communities. The court ruled that the 2.77 acres of land in the Ayodhya will be split up into the 3 parts. One third of the land was registered to the Hindu Mahasabha to build the Ram temple, and the another one third to the Sunni Waqf Board and the remaining one third will be passed to the Nirmohi Akhara that is the Hindu religious group.

4. 2G Spectrum Case

Most Famous Court Cases in India

This scandal was placed at the number 2 in the Time magazine’s list of the‘Top 10 Abuses of Power’. The protectors of law themselves broke all the laws and they gave an example of high level of the corruption in India. This scandal was got a worldwide attention. The government officials and some of the politicians illegally distributed the Frequency Allocation Licenses to the mobile phone companies. These licenses were being provided to create the 2G consent for the mobile phones.

Though the government claimed that the licenses were granted on the ‘first come first serve basis’ and that ‘zero loss’ was caused during the distribution process, and yet the CBI filed a charge sheet in the year April, 2011 which was mentioning that these fraud deals clinched the loss of the INR 309845.5 Million. All the guesses of the loss or the profit were put to halt when the Supreme Court passed the judgment on the year of 2nd February, 2012. The Supreme Court affirmed that the allotment of the licenses of spectrum was ‘unconstitutional and arbitrary’. The Supreme Court also nullified the 122 licenses and distributed in the year of 2008. A. Raja was the minister of the communication and I.T. at that time and also, he is the prime accused in this scandal.

5. Satyam Scam

Most Famous Court Cases in India

This Scams in the corporate world are like a daily humdrum in this era. However, the scam as malicious as the Satyam scam is one of its kinds in a millennium. Every Indian shareholder and the investor experienced a massive setback when the Satyam’s fraud got unmasked.

A leading IT company, the Satyam Computer Services shattered in every shareholder’s belief and the serenity. On the year of 7th January 2009, the Satyam’s chairman Ramalinga Raju resigned from his post, and confessing that he manipulated the accounts and cheated with the investors by falsifying the Satyam’s accounts by the US $1.47 Billion which is approximately INR 14000 crores in the Indian currency. Later on, the Tech Mahindra took over the Satyam, and revived it successfully and also turned it into the ‘Mahindra Satyam’. On the year of 25th June, 2013 was the day when these two companies merged.

So, these are The Top Most Famous Court Cases in India. Some of these cases are high profile and more controversial in India. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.

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