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Top 5 Must Visit Place in Greece


Top 5 Must Visit Place in Greece: Hey guys welcome again to this article. When one talks about ancient history at that time one name which may strike our minds is Greece. Greece has some mind blowing historic sites. Not only history but there is much more things than that. The food, culture, colorful architecture, and many other things are must see places when you visit there. In the following article I will be describing about Top 5 must visit places in Greece.

Top 5 Must Visit Place in Greece

1. Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece. It is famous as the birth place of democracy. If you want to see the ancient Greece then Athens should be your next destination. Here you will find many historic monuments of the ancient times like the Acropolis, Zeus temple, parthenon, ancient agora and many others in the list. Not only for ancient culture and monuments but Athens is also known for the modern culture. Here you can enjoy nightlife, some shopping sites, and other things. Also Athens is the business center of the country. Here you will find paintless buildings but they are equally pretty. Other things that you can see are the guard ceremony at the syntagma square, Keramikos, Lycabettus hills and many others.

2. Santorini

Santorini is popular and one of the Greek island in Greece. The shape of this island is derived from the volcanic eruption that took place in the 16th century. The main attraction that you will see here is the landscape and the seascape of Santorini. The beautiful houses here are also a thing to see. Many people visit Santorini just to see the lovely  sunset. Also you can visit the wonderful beaches over here like the black beach, red beach, white beach, nude beach and to name a few. Visit Akrotiri to see a archeological site. Also see the history of wines visit the wineries. Not only has this much explored Santorini to its core.

3. Meteora

Meteora is a rising cliff over 1200 feet high. From there it gives a nice look of the Kalambaka and Kastraki villages. There are monastries which were built by the monks and are still there. Some of the monastery that you can see here are great meteora monastery, Varlaam monastery, Rousanou monastery, Holy trinity monastery and various others. If you are adventure lover then  you may try hiking and also meteora rock climbing. All you can do here is see the breath taking view of the cliffs and visit monasteries.

4. Delphi

Delphi has some great collection of ancient archeological sites. It is a place where every tourist visits when on a trip to Greece. It is a place where you will see people worshipping god Apollo. Visit the Sacred way which will lead you to the sanctuary of God Apollo. See the treasury of Athenians. See the theater where there are 35 rows and around 5,000 seats made of rock. Other sites what you can see here is the Apollo temple, Polygonal wall, Station, and many other sites like this are worth visiting. Here you can try skiing at the mount Parnassus. Have a look at the mountain village of Arahova.

5. Lindos

Lindos is a village in the island of Rhodes that is one of the island of the Greek island. There you will find all around you whitewashed buildings that give an awesome look ti the town. Here you can see the captains houses , also you can see the ancient amphitheater that is on the slope of the Acropolis. Other things that you can see here are the Kleoboulous tomb, Church of assumption and many other attractions. Visit the St. Paul’s beach and the main beach. The attractions does not end over here there are many other things that you can see in Lindos.

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