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Truckee Missing Girl: Coroner Rules Missing California Teen Kiely Rodni’s Death an Accident

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Truckee Missing Girl: On November 28th, more than one month after Kiely Rodni’s body was recovered from a California reservoir near her campground site of disappearance, an autopsy report released by Nevada County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday has determined her death to have been an accident.

“This ruling is based on the pathologist’s determination that her death was due to drowning,” the coroner’s division of the sheriff’s office announced, adding that there was no other information which suggested foul play had taken place.”

On Aug. 6, Rodni, 16, vanished from a high school graduation party at Prosser Family Campground and set off an epic two-week search by hundreds of volunteers. Additionally, more than 15 law enforcement agencies joined in on the search, contributing nearly 20,000 man hours as officers searched two states and thousands of acres for clues.

On August 21st, Adventures With Purpose reported that its divers had located Rodni’s SUV in Prosser Reservoir, upside down and submerged beneath about 12 feet of water.

On Thursday, the county sheriff’s office requested that media and the public respect the privacy of Rodni’s family. In a statement following her discovery, her family said that although they “accept this sadness cast under death’s shadow,” they also “celebrate Kiely’s spirit and the gift that we all received in knowing her.”

“Kiely will remain with us even if we do not obtain her back,” they declared.

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