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Types of cash buying companies

cash buying companies

cash buying companies

Have you ever considered the option to sell a house fast for cash? There are companies that can buy houses for cash, and the homeowners are in awe of it. Not just they can fulfill your needs to provide you with urgent cash but they also help you sell your home faster. One of the other benefits of selling property for cash is that this is one of the ways to sell off your distressed home ‘as it is.

Let us know how hiring a Cash home buying company can help you in ‘sell my home by ownerapproach.

Cash Buying Companies

As we start discussing cash home buyers, it is essential to know that there are two main types of cash buyer companies:

The first one is called We Buy Houses. These companies are experts in buying homes at discounted prices. Though they offer a low sale price of the home than the market value of the home, the best part is that they can buy properties that are in their worst condition.

The second type of cash buying company is iBuyers. These companies make competitive offers but the downside is that these companies buy houses that are in good condition. This is the reason they offer a price point matching the worth of your home in the open market. Also, you need to check whether operate in your areas or not. So, before contacting the iBuyer companies, you need to be aware of their strict buying criteria.

So, if you want to get in touch with the best companies that can help you sell a house fast for cash, then firstly, you need a professional home valuation expert. They will help you know what your home is worth and you can compare the cash offers using the services of the experienced agent. This will ensure that you get a fair price for your home.

Who should go for ‘we buy houses for cash company’?

If you are considering selling my home by owner approach and want to ensure that the real estate transaction happens fast and you get quick money, then you must choose this option. You can select the We Buy Houses company or an iBuyer, as per the age of your house, status of the house, your locality, etc.

We Buy Houses for Cash companies are the perfect option for those who have distressed property or their home is facing a situation like foreclosure, inheritance, etc.

iBuyers is an ideal option for homeowners who want to sell their property in good condition. As compared to We Buy Houses companies, iBuyers offers much more money for houses. However, you must know that the sad part is that the home sellers may or may not be eligible for the iBuyer. Since iBuyers follow a strict eligibility rule and operate only in select markets, you might need to check that.

Also, homeowners who want to sell house fast for cash can contact a real estate agent company. These websites ensure quick and maximum exposure by listing your property on the MLS at a Flat fee such as Houzeo. You not only get a higher sale price matching the open market price but also get to work with a professional realtor too. Due to such support, your home sale with be smooth and fast, and also get a decent amount of money for your home. If you want more support, the realtor website can help you with extra services as a part of a package.

Best cash buying companies

Here are the names of the best cash-buying companies.


Opendoor is one of the leading names of the companies that buy houses for cash. They pay a decent amount and allow a closing time starting from 14 days to 60 days. The best part about hiring this iBuyer company for selling the house for cash is its wide coverage. This company offers services at several locations. They are present in more than 47 cities all across the U.S. The company charges a 5% service fee.


Offerpad is another reputed iBuyer company. They not only offer a better price for the home compared to other iBuyers but also offer more flexibility when it comes to choosing the closing date. They permit you to keep more of your home’s equity.

Offerpad offers better cash that matches your home’s value. Offerpad offers closing dates ranging from eight to 90 days in advance. Hence, you get to choose the move-out date of your house within this time period as per your comfort. The company charges a 5% service fee. However, the downside is that the company works at lesser locations. They operate only in 25 U.S. markets. You can request a free quote from Offerpad.


Another big name cash buying company is RedfinNow. The company operates in more than 31 cities. Unlike iBuyers, the company buys vacant houses as well. RedfinNow charges a service fee that between 5 to 13%. Some homeowners find the price very high. Before making the offers the company considers the location of the property as well as the condition of the home. Though it may be a more expensive proposition for you to work with RedfinNow than other cash companies option, you can still consider contacting them due to their excellent services.

We Buy Ugly Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses is one of the We Buy Houses companies. They have a big presence across the state. There are 800 franchise locations of the company that allows you to enjoy a smooth home sale. They have a good reputation and a great brand value in the market.

They are known to offer low-priced quotations, lesser than what your home will get in the open market. We Buy Ugly Houses may offer around 70% of the price of the home. This also includes repair costs. You can consider this option if your home does not have good condition. Several cash buyers contact We Buy Ugly Houses, etc. to sell their home ‘as it is.

This was the list of the best companies that buy houses for cash. Most of them operate in the whole country. But ensure to determine whether they are located in your area.

Choose between We Buy Houses for Cash companies and iBuyer companies depending on the fact that We buy home companies buy badly damaged or vacant properties and the iBuyer company buys homes that are in good condition. Both the cash buyer companies offer a hassle-free sale process and offer quick prices.