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Ukrainian Father Saying Good Bye to His Daughter [Heartbreaking photos ]


Ukrainian Father Saying Good Bye to His Daughter: A viral video shows a tearful Ukrainian father bidding farewell to his distraught daughter before she embarked on her journey to exit the war-torn country, while he was obliged to stay behind due to a prohibition prohibiting any able-fighting men from leaving the country.

Ukrainian Father and His daughter heartbreaking moment

Ukrainian Father Saying Good Bye to His Daughter

The father makes a sorrowful farewell and embraces the little daughter in the video, which has received thousands of views.

The dad hugs and kisses his daughter and wife before seeing her out in a car to drive her and her mother out of the country, all while being filmed from a safe zone.

Both are visibly crying as the father prepares the small child to leave the nation with her mother, at least for the time being.

Ukraine government announced that 18-60 years old man can’t leave Ukraine

The Ukrainian border service has forbidden men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country in the middle of the ongoing invasion. According to the agency, the action is aimed at “ensuring Ukraine’s defence and timely mobilisation organisation.”

The temporary prohibition will be in effect until the end of the martial law, which was imposed on Thursday morning.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has just issued a decree demanding a nationwide mobilisation. All Ukrainians with the ability to bear arms have been exhorted to protect their country.

According to the decree, which will be in place for 90 days, the country’s conscripts and reservists will also be called up.

Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, legendary boxers and brothers, are among those who have pledged to fight for Ukraine during the escalating Russian invasion.

As 100,000 people escape Ukraine due to the upheaval produced by Russia’s invasion, mothers and little children have been waving goodbye to the loved ones they have been forced to leave behind

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 100,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes, with thousands more leaving the country.

‘We believe that around 100,000 people have already fled their homes and may be displaced within the country, and that several thousand have crossed international borders,’ said UNHCR spokeswoman Shabia Mantoo.

Before boarding a bus out of Kiev on Thursday, ladies can be seen clutching their newborns and wishing their lovers goodbye in heartbreaking photos.

One father, Vlad, 28, was spotted delivering his two-year-old son to mother Tatiana, 26, as they left the capital city, which has been pummelling by airstrikes and surrounded by enemy forces.

The photographs are being released as panicked Ukrainians scramble for petrol, line up for hours outside cash machines, and crowd into trains and cars in an attempt to flee.

Despite bombings, gas stations began restricting the amount each driver could purchase, and long lineups formed outside ATMs around the country.

Meanwhile, Uber’s service was down in all nine locations where it operates, but Bolt and Uklon remained operational to transport people away from the conflict.

Citizens began panic buying earlier on Thursday as locals learnt about the nighttime invasion. Banks, shops, and gas stations began to empty.

Despite calls for people to stay at home, traffic was gridlocked on the main roads out of the capital, with some people sobbing as they crossed the Polish border to safety.

However, once martial law was declared, the city centres became ghost towns, with the exception of a few cars speeding through on their way out, tanks, military figures, and some residents who had taken up arms.

On Thursday, Russian troops stormed into Ukraine in early morning raids after President Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for a’special military operation.’

He warned other countries that interfering would result in “consequences you have never seen,” yet he was faced with international censure and sanctions, and some compared him to Adolf Hitler.

Warsaw has announced the opening of nine reception centres along the 332-mile-long Polish border to welcome citizens fleeing the Russian assault.

‘There will undoubtedly be a surge of refugees arriving in our nation,’ warned Poland’s interior minister Mariusz Kaminski.

He went on to say that Poland will accept “as many as will be at our borders.”

Arrival food and medical treatment would be provided, as well as a space to rest and receive information.

Tomasz Praga, the head of the Polish border guard, said Thursday that the number of people attempting to cross the Poland-Ukraine border in both directions had increased, but that the situation was stable.

Praga said early Thursday that some 29,000 migrants have crossed the border in both directions in the last 24 hours, with 15,000 coming to Poland.

AFP photographers observed automobiles with Ukrainian flags on their dashboards entering the EU country at the Dorohusk border crossing in eastern Poland.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other wiping tears from her face, a mother with a small child in the passenger seat sped by.

People holding plastic bags stood outside a little shop, waiting for transit back to Ukraine, claiming they wanted to help their family.

The United Nations warned on Thursday that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have “devastating” humanitarian effects, urging neighbouring countries to keep their borders open to anyone escaping the carnage.

‘We are very concerned about the rapidly deteriorating situation and continued military activity in Ukraine,’ said UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi.