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Vladimir Putin Speech For Nation What exactly Did He Say?

Vladimir Putin Speech For Nation: What did Putin actually say during his State of the Nation address? Russia’s President Vladimir Putin delivered a state of the nation address in Moscow, reflecting on his year-old invasion of Ukraine. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed both houses of Parliament as well as military commanders and soldiers alike. Here are some highlights from his address:

Russian President Vladimir Putin Speech

Putin Speech
Putin Speech

Here We know Explanation of Putin Speech For Nation one by one stats What exactly did he say? What is the meaning of Different stats everythings.

Russia has announced the suspension of their participation in the New Start treaty

“I am sad to announce today that Russia is withdrawing from the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty.” In 2010, President Joe Biden of the United States signed the New START treaty in Prague and it came into force the following year. Five more years were added to it in 2021 when United States President Mark R. Kelly assumed office.

It limits the number of strategic nuclear warheads that the United States and Russia can deploy, as well as restricts land- and submarine-based missiles and bombers used to deliver them.

Experts estimate Russia to possess the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world, with close to 6,000 warheads. Together, Russia and the United States control around 90% of all known nuclear warheads – enough to wreak havoc on Earth many times over.

This moment represents a pivotal turning point for our country

“I am giving this address at a crucial juncture in our country’s history – an era of dramatic, irreversible changes around the globe that will shape its course for years to come, when each one of us must shoulder an immense responsibility.”

Western nations strive to ‘distract people’s attention

“They utilized these principles of democracy and freedom to uphold their totalitarian values, diverting attention away from corruption scandals… economic-social problems.”

“Responsibility lies with West and Ukrainian elite”

“The West and Ukrainian elite and government bear responsibility for not serving national interest but instead serving third countries’ interests in using Ukraine as a military base to fight Russia,” wrote MK, “which undermines trust with Ukrainians themselves”.”The more Russia sends weapons to Ukraine, the greater our responsibility will be for securing the border with Russia. This is only natural.”

“We do not fight the Ukrainian people”

“We do not fight with Ukrainian people. They became hostages of a Kyiv regime that economically and politically occupied Ukraine for years, doing everything to further degrade their country… Sad but true, they are using their people.”

Donbas: Victims of “undisguised hatred”

“Step by step, carefully and consistently, we will tackle the challenges ahead. Since 2014, the people of Donbas have been fighting for their right to live on their own land and speak their native language.
“They remained resilient in the face of blockade and frequent shelling from Kyiv regime forces, despite undisguised hatred towards them.
They believed and expected Russia would come to their aid.””While we did our best to resolve this conflict peacefully, another scenario was being planned behind our backs.” “Despite our best efforts to find a peaceful resolution, the conflict continued unresolved.”

Reviving Enterprises and Jobs in Occupied Ukrainian Territories

“We have already begun and will continue to develop a comprehensive program for the socioeconomic recovery and development of these newly annexed subjects of our federation (territories annexed from Ukraine).
We are talking about reviving enterprises and jobs in ports on the Sea of Azov, which has once again become part of Russia’s inland sea, as well as creating modern roads a la Crimea.”

“I can only imagine the pain and anguish” families of fallen soldiers must feel.

Putin acknowledged the hardships endured by families of Russian soldiers who had died fighting in Ukraine, and promised them “targeted support” through a new special fund.”We all understand, and I feel for the families of fallen soldiers – their wives, sons and daughters who raised brave defenders of our Fatherland,” she said.

Child abuse from child neglect to paedophilia has become accepted practice in Western culture.

“They distort historical facts and continually attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religions in our country,” Putin declared of Western nations supporting Ukraine.
“As it was reported, the Anglican Church is exploring the concept of a gender-neutral God… Millions across Western society fear they are being led towards an irreversible spiritual crisis.
“”Look at what they do to their own people: the destruction of families, cultural and national identities, child abuse all the way up to paedophilia are promoted as normalized practices and priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages.”
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